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"You should hear from them again in 60 Days"


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First time post! Been doing a LOT of reading and I'm sure someone will point out something else for me to read so just know I'm willing to learn!


Started a Jack Attack in early May focusing on a private Sallie Mae account (CO) and two Capital One accounts (both CO & Paid in Full) with TU, EQ, EX. Received some responses and some deletions of incorrect personal name and address information and only updates of the disputed accounts. Started a complaint with CFPB in early June disputing the accounts while still waiting on responses to the rest of my Jack Attack letters with the CRAs.


Two weeks after filling a CFPB complaint I receive notice from the CFPB stating the following:



The company has provided a partial response to your complaint number 00000-000000 describing the steps taken so far to address your issue. They stated they are still working on your issue, and you should hear from them again within 60 days.

View the details of your complaint and the company's response so far at:

We will let you know as soon as we receive an update about your complaint.

Thank you,

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


(855) 411-CFPB (2372)



My question is are any laws being violated by the extension of time being allowed by the CFPB which basically gives the CRAs 90 days in total (30+60 more days) to investigate my disputes?


Also, should I wait and see at this point or send letters to the CRAs when the 30 days to respond to my individual Jack Attack letters expire and request a deletion?

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You should not have got involved or made any contact while the first investigation was open. You should have filed the CFPB complaint AFTER all results were back.

Do not contact any CRA on this issue until the CPFB has closed it's investigation, you will probably have to start all over to regain your rights.

Never contact a CRA directly or indirectly (3rd parties - CFPB, BBB...etc) during an open investigation as it allows them to tack on more time to the dispute.

Even though you had multiple issues under one dispute, and you see some come back not in your favor but others are still pending investigation - to preserve your rights, and to prevent the CRA from tacking more time on - you need to wait for ALL disputed items to finish that are under the same investigation and for the CRA to close the entire investigation before making a second step.

Remember that for your future disputes.


As far as laws broken by the CFPB allowing them 60 more days to investigate, you would need to contact a consumer attorney and see; but you have to also look at this way:

You set the CFPB on them during an open investigation (so they did not get a chance to really finish the investigation)

Then the CFPB is allowing them 60 days to reasonably investigate further - and you are not waiting for that to run it's course.

You may just look difficult in a judge's eyes if you even have a case - and he could toss it since you seem unreasonable, so just take it as a learning experience and start over after the CFPB answers you back if you do not get the results you are looking for. Send off Round 2, Give them their 30 days - and LEAVE THEM ALONE during the 30 days, and then go from there with any violations during round 2.

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Sometimes patience will go a long way in getting your way; example:

I had Equifax verify about 8 items during an investigation - but they forgot to close in the 30 day window. I let it ride for about 10 business days after the 30, still open, but all verfied items came in at AFTER day 30....and they still forgot to close it - it took one call to get ALL 8 items deleted because of the technicality. Give them their legal required time - sometimes it allows them to fumble.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3902 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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