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Date of Service (Medical)

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I have been on the boards for the last couple of months working through the Hipaa process under a different thread (see below).





I'm looking at this from all angles while waiting for the initial dispute process to unfold. Question.... does the 7 year clock start at the time of service for medical?

When you pay and old medical bill does it renew the 7 year clock or does the clock still remain at the start point of the "time of service"? Does anyone have a link

to the FTC explaining this?



I Tell ya.... I have been able to clean up both EQ and TU with the big help of this forum yet EX is a stubborn old goat that I intend to log complaints on and take legal action as

they don't play by the FCTRA and FTC rules. They appear to march to their own drum....







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You are almost at the end of the HIPAA program. Eventually you will succeed. Of course , Experian AKA "THE DEVIL" is going to be the hardest to deal with.

Each CRA has its own advantages and drawbacks, Experian will provide you with the highest scores IF your disputes are successful as they are the only ones who factor in AU accounts completely and do NOT report many adverse accounts as quickly as TU does.

TU is great at deleting account-- but that is because they are the worst about allowing accounts on with the flimsiest of reasons.

Equifax is the best all round, the most balanced and the one most creditors rely on for a thorough report.


As to "re-dating" on paid accounts-- there are 2 types of dates on your reports, one is the inception date of the account that allows you to figure when it will drop off due to the 7 year obsolescence period, the 2nd is the "scoring" date. That is the date that the account is reported, ( not updated). If you pay the CA or pay the OC without the HIPAA program, an account will be reported as a paid collection. Because this is still derogatory but frequently years newer, it will hurt your scores. It will still "drop off" at the same time, but it will create more damage.

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ahhhh... okay, Thanks Why Chat! I will stick to the Hipaa program and continuously provide updates as they come in.

Thanks again for all the help on the CreditBoards, this board has eased my frustration into action!






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The last post in this topic was posted 3917 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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