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closed on FHA 203k mortgage

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One of the conditions that came back was to provide a P&l and also a balance sheet for our business since we are self employed. That is a new requirement with FHA with no exceptions! They asked for it to be from a CPA which we do not use. I just gave underwriter documents from quickbooks that I use and it was excepted. closed in 60 days. Just remember that they use net numbers not gross and you should be good to go.

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Great to hear. I am actually just entering into that process. I have read on the FHA website, and heard from my mortgage broker, that they are pretty strict about allowing you to do work yourself. I and contracting out the roof, mold remediation, all the big projects. But I used to be a contractor 20 years ago, and can absolutely do laminate floors, bathroom remodels, countertops, painting, etc myself. It was explained to me that work needs to be done by a licensed contractor, or if I am undertaking projects myself, I need to be able to document my skills and prove my finished product will be at professional level so that the expected value is added to the home? I doubt they would accept 20 year old references, and I doubt they would accept pictures of the remodeling I have done to my current home. How can I prove that I can handle the more mundane tasks, and how strictly are they going to ride me? Appreciate any info. Thanks!

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The last post in this topic was posted 2871 days ago. 


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    • By SEOGirl
      My husband and I have been patiently waiting to buy a home for years. We had a lot of obsticles that kept us from being where we needed to be that we have now overcome. We have been in a lease purchase for the past couple of years for a home that we will be purchasing for $250K and we have accured about 10K for the downpayment though we may be able to come up with a few grand more if needed to close.
      Here are our current issues: I am self employed & my spouse is on SS Disability. His income is non-taxable. Majority of my income is through a contractor position that I have held with the same employer for over 6 years now. After our accountant completed our income taxes this past year, I was concerned it might not appear that we make enough income to qualify. I currently bring in 60K per year for this contract posiiton plus another 5-10K in additional contract work. I have roughly 5-7K in expenses however, the way my home office is setup it is a large portion of our home and after they completed the home office exemption and household related expenses, my taxable income appeared to only be about 20K.
      Since the majority of the reasons my income looks so low is due to our home expenses which would be similar if we were to purchase the house, how would they look at my income for qualifying for a mortgage? Would they look at it before the home office exemption was used or after? Also, I have heard that SSD income is sometimes counted as more due to being non-taxable. Is that true? My spouses income from SSD is roughly $30K.
      I also wondered if being self-employed ended up causing too much problems if my employer ended up hiring me a a fulltime employee instead of a contractor if that would change the situation. We had discussed doing that as well anyways.
      I appreciate all of your input. I have been dreaming of being a homeowner for so long and we finally found our dream home that couldn't be more perfect for our children.
    • By dfwaggie
      Best lenders for me? Self-employed
      First, thank you to everyone who contributes to this board. It has really helped me over the years.
      I currently have about 40k at penfed that I need to move.
      I need to decrease overall utilization and interest rates on my balances and would like suggestions on who else I should apply with for new cards aside from NFCU (currently only have checking and savings with them…. when I joined my credit was BAD.
      In the last 30 days, I have paid off a substantial amount of my revolving debt and an installment loan to increase my fico’s (and help DTI) for this app spree. Now I am at Overall revolving utilization of 70%, none over 89%
      I have worked for the same company for over a decade but for tax purposes I am self-employed and get a 1099 and a “statutory employee w2”.
      EX 713 myfico
      EQ 725 myfico (613 in March ’13, 641 in November ’13)
      TU 699 walmart, 675 myfico
      Overall revolving utilization of 70%, none over 89%
      Total Accounts 33
      Open 13
      Revolving 6 out of 11 showing a balance; 2 more are paid off but waiting for cycle date (small balances)
      Average Age 9 years
      Longest age 16 years
      Youngest acct 2.5 years
      I considered getting CLI’s first, but hesitate due to a large amount of creditors who request documentation of income and then do not like self-employed. Also, income is a little lowed than when I got current lines.

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