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Amazon STORE card CL advice

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I posted an inquiry last year about Amazon's STORE (not VISA/MC) card giving me a low $700 CL... & appearing to be limited to $2500 tops via online requests for a CLI. CreditBoards led me to the Backdoor phone number, & I went from my $2500 to $10K w/ a 5 minute phone call & w/o a HP.


Here I am 8 months later, & I decided to call earlier this afternoon & ask for $15K.


After a few minutes on hold, the Underwriting fellow asked: "You have not spent more than $1300 on your card during any given month, so why do you need a higher CL than your current limit of $10K?"


I told him the truth: "I'm a FICO geek, & I want the CLI to help lower my Utilization Ratio & increase my credit score".


Hold for ~3 minutes...


"Congratulations, you have been approved! $15,000 CL!" (& no HP, I had to Thaw my Security Freeze, but it was a soft pull).


I hope this information will be beneficial to people with low scores (since the card can actually grow with you, unlike Crap1) As well as people with high FICO's, who just want to take advantage of the 0% offer on a new TV for 36 months.




Regards to all

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Nice & Congrats! :clapping:


GECRB is very generious with CLI's, I have both my Paypal & Amazon CLIs upto $15k each. Glad to see you waited 8 months. Just a gentle reminder to others that if you ask for too many GECRB CLIs within too short of a period of time that some people have gotten all of their GECRB accounts closed without any notice or warning. I would say that 8 months is playing it fairly safe. A few months back, I went through a CLI spree with them from on various GECRB cards. I'm not going to ask for anymore CLIs until FEB 2014. In November-December I'm planning on using like 6-8k a month on those cards, and PIF (Holiday Shopping) then after my April Statment cuts I'm going to ask to CLI to $30k (which I believe is their max per card). I have lots of charges and PIF every month (averaging $3k-4k on my Amazon + Paypal) except I like to use the 0% APR from time to time, as I recently got a new TV through Amazon at 0% for 24 months (although I'll probably pay it off much sooner because I like to have a lower Util %).

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The last post in this topic was posted 2825 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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