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Some of you may have read my post about helping my friend with an issue concerning how US Bank is reporting the account history.


When I compared the online credit reports, TU and EX have it differently, but a month apart.


So let's use an example going back to 2011,


TU has it:July (90), August (30), September (OK), October (30) while


EX has it: July (60), August (90), September (30), October (OK)


In other words, the Experian is always a month behind TU.


As my friend has no other baddies in the last 24 months, nor do I or my GF, I have no way of knowing if this is a common thing for there to be differences on dates between the CRAs, or if this is a one of a kind issue?


Anyone else see this?


Also, I did not have friend's paper reports with me, so not sure if this is simply an online thing or if it holds true on paper as well.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2904 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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      Greeting Everyone,
      I am a new member. I want to thank all of you for your sincere efforts and guidance. Devoting time to help others is actually a best good some could offer. Thank you all.
      Now about me.
      I am working to clean up my credit. I have a student loan that is currently under deferment until 02/2016. Back in 2014, When it went to repayment phase, I was overseas. By the time I cam back in Aug 2014, the loan was already 180 Days late. I applied for Econ Harship that was granted and back dated to Feb 2014(The original date when the repayment was due). I have recently noticed that it is being reported to my Credit File as 180 days late despite Econ Hardship Deferment back dating.I disputed with the CRA but it came back as "updated" with same late data.
      I think my question is how I can resolve this with the CRA. The OC does not seems to understand that Econ deferment means as if the loan is being paid as agreed, and unwilling to report a removal of late status. My understanding is that when deferment is back dated it reads as no default has been occurred and loan is being paid as agreed. Is it possible that contest it of justify it through precedents are legal aspects. I may be misunderstanding. Please help me.
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      https://web.archive.org/web/20050520070130/http://www.cdiaonline.org/pdf/Metro_2_Format_2003.pdf Background from http://www.cdiaonline.org/Metro2/content.cfm?ItemNumber=854

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      After my app spree, I applied security freezes to my files on all 3 CRAs for the personal reason that I need to stop myself with this crazy app spree lol
      As a newbie, I just wanted to know if having security freeze on my credit report will affect future auto- CLI from my credit card companies?
    • By alliswell
      I'm a newbie who seems to have slipped through the cracks. I had 2 credit cards with HSBC Nevada that were closed a number of years ago and reported accurately. I recently checked my credit reports (1st time in years) to find charge offs on two from HSBC and and additional 2 collection companies on all three reports. On the report that didn't have OC as HSBC, showed Cap 1.
      I disputed all online before reading the boards to find out it was not the best decision. Also called Cap 1 because I have a CC with them and was confused. Cap 1 informed me that they now hold the other company's cards and could only find my current card. They told me to dispute. I then received a letter from them for each card stating:
      "We have received your CB dispute regarding card services account. We have completed our investigation and the above-referenced account has been purged from our system. In addition, we have instructed all relevant major consumer reporting agencies to delete ANY reference of this account from your credit reports. Please allow up to 60 days for the info to be reflected on your reports. We apologize for any inconvenience."
      My problem is that before I called them, 2 CRA's completed the investigation in 3 days and verified the collection accounts (Midland and Calvary). EXP noted the dispute as meeting requirements but never even acknowledged Calvary either way. I think they forgot to investigate it.
      Also, one CA lists HSBC as the OC and the other doesn't list an OC at all. I don't know what I should do next. Any answers?

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