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The Master of Master Master Threads

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I have tried to compile a list of all master threads. There are so many so I am sure that I missed some. If you have one that is not on the list please add it in a reply and I will try to keep a running list going. I know that a few people have tried this but they were incomplete and unorganized.

B* AND C*:

The Master What Is B* And C* Thread

The Master B* Bumpage Discoveries Thread

The Master DO NOT Just Jump Into B* Thread

The Master Equifax & TransUnion B* Bumpage Thread

The Monster TransUnion Bumpage TU B* Master Thread

Equifax C* Choppage Dates - Work in Progress

The Master There Was No C* Choppage Today Thread



Master List of Joint Applicant Credit Cards?

Master List of Non-FICO Scores Disclosed in Denial and Approval Letters from Creditors

The Master AmEx Additional Cardmember Employee Au Resp Thread

The Master American Express AmEx BackDating Back Dating Thread

The Master American Express AmEx Financial Review FR F/R Thread

The Master American Express AmEx Pre-Approvals Special Offers Thread

The Master Citi ThankYou Preferred Premier Prestige Points Redemption Thread

The Master Credit Card & Authorized User AU Social Security Number SSN Thread

The Master Credit Card Balance Reporting Sequence Thread

The Master Credit Cards That Allow You to Keep a >$100 Credit Balance Thread

The Master Credit Cards that Report Mid-Cycle Midcycle or Before Statements Close Thread

The Master Credit Cards with AutoPay Automatic Payments Thread

The Master Higher Limits Beget Higher Limits Thread

The Master Rules For The Best Time to Apply Thread

The Master Secured Credit Cards Thread

The Master Should I Close New Accounts for AAOA Purposes Thread

The Master Spousal / Non-Spousal Authorized User AU Reporting Thread

The Master Student Credit Card Thread

The Master Minimum Age for Authorized Users Thread

The Master non-Centurion Bank American Express AmEx Cards Thread

The Master Number of Payments Allowed Thread

The Master United States USA US U.S. EMV Chip & Sig Sign Signature Chip & PIN Thread

The Master I Bumped My Inquiries But Was Still Denied for too Many Applications Thread

The CLD Master Thread



Master List of Triple Bureau Pullers with Free Trials

The Master When Does My Daily Puller Reset Thread

The Master Adverse Action AA Under the New Rules Thread

The Master Can AUs get the Walmart FICO Thread?

The Master Can AUs, Co- or Joint Applicants, get the Walmart FICO Thread

The Master Credit Score Mad Scientist Thread

The Master Credit.com (Cc) FAKO, Estimated FICO & VantageScore Thread

The Master FICO Score Simulator Results

The Master How to Tweak Utilization for Maximum FICO Effect Thread

The Master Ignore FAKO FACO (non FICO) Credit Scores Thread

The Master Where Can I Get My FICO Score Mega Thread

The Master Triple Puller Tri-Merge Services’ Freeze Quirks Thread



The Master 100 Open Membership Credit Unions Thread

The Master Am I Eligible For Full USAA Membership Thread

The Master Am I Eligible for PSECU Thread

The Master Am I Eligible for NFCU Thread

ELFCU- Rebuilder Friendly Credit Union Master Thread



Master CRA/Creditor History of Payments Made Thread

The Master Daily ACH EFT External Transfer Limits Thread

The Master Quicken Thread

The Master CB 12 Twelve-step Program Thread

The Master Free Resources on Credit Thread

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I was all set to post then I said.. Maybe I should check again and I notice BW posted a new one right before this went live.


In 40 years when BW dies this should be included at his wake.

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2043 2053 isn't gonna be a good year for you Bob? :(

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Thanks for this thread. You seem to contribute a lot for a newbie. I'm following your journey thread and hope you'll be able to qualify for a loan soon. I'm a real estate broker and if you live in Atlanta by any chance I'd be glad to wave a commission for a good CBer.

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There is ONE more master thread I would really like to see...


How about a master list of consumer data aggregates and links, methods or address on how to lock and delete your data from them? Companies like Intelus, Lexis-Nexus, Acxiom, etc...

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