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Disputed Bad Dental work, won, still being billed by the dentist (HELP!)

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I have gone to this dentist because I could use Care Credit and make payments, right? I have always trusted the dentist, but he has changed in the last few years.

to make a long story short:

I had a bunch of work done even tho I merely went for a crown. All the work, except for a bridge, was substandard and I disputed a couple of crowns as

#1 he quoted me prices that he kept changing, demanded MY work to make himself whole on this "discount" he gave me

#2 one crown should never have been placed at all and failed after 10 days. And made me sick from the awful bactria and unable to work for months

#3 he destroyed a crown root & canal job I had paid $3000.00 for about 3-4 years ago saying it was totally degraded.

Another dentist I've been working with ( who couldn't take payments) said she hadn't seen anythng wrong with the tooth and it sure wasn't bothering me.

I've had to have it pulled out since then and it has really changed my bite and messed up my partial. And made me sick again for a month ( I always get sick when my teeth are pulled) My other dentist said he drilled INTO my gum, destroyed the crown margin. ETC


So, anyway, I contacted Care Credit and disputed two crown charges, one of which I won for non-authorization of charge. I figured that was one for the good guys. Wrong. The dentist contacted me the other day and demanded payment of this balance ( about $1300) saying that I had recieved the work and had to pay for it.

I've had it with these people and their funky billing system; reliance on the dentist's prior excellent repuatation and feeling like prey instead of patient in his chair.

Most of his "work" is now out of my mouth having failed and the first crown is causing me sensitivity due to improper finishing. I was sick for months after he left that poison tooth (which dry-socketed) in my mouth after it broke off and he tried to crown it. Now, I have a hole in my jaw in the exact shape of the root! Hasn't filled in at all after 6 months


I had quite long email converstaions (which I saved) with the dentist who acknowledes nothing except that MY teeth were to blame

I have contacted my current dentist, asking if she'd be a witness for me.


I am in the process of writing a letter to the bad dentist offering to file malpractice, which crossed my mind several times during and after the work he did on me. I did not want to go that way, but I can and will. I feel he is harassing me and really, is a bit nuts.


DO I owe him this amount legally?

(If I sold MY customers something that fell apart after 10 days I can tell you I would refund their money pronto.)

Should I tell him I'm considering legal action or just do it?

Are there any other cards I can play besides a malpractice suit? ))))))))Brrrrrrrrr(((((((((





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DO I owe him this amount legally?


Should I tell him I'm considering legal action or just do it?


Are there any other cards I can play besides a malpractice suit?




Right now, yes you do owe the money legally until a court of law says otherwise or the dentist agrees to settle by writing off the charges at no peril to you. Care Credit is not there to settle any disputes about the quality of the work received they only underwrite your ability to pay for it. Disputing the charges the way you did was not the way to handle this.


Threats of legal action to providers of service mean little. Actually doing it does.


However, pursuing med/mal is VERY expensive. You cannot use your current dentist as an expert witness because her testimony is biased. She has a vested interest in continuing treating you and billable procedures. You would have to pay an independent expert to testify the work was substandard.


There is an option though. Most states have a Dental Board that oversees issues like this because med/mal is too cost prohibitive and there are dentists who over charge or do substandard work. I would contact your state and see if they have such a board. If they do you can file a complaint and open a case. If they find the dentist did indeed violate the recommended standards they often award a credit of all fees paid to the dentist or that no money is due. Give that a try.

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Actually, there are a few points I disagree with you on.

I have talked to medical billing people and even the FILING of a malpractice claim can have a lot of consequences for a doctor in terms of their insurance.

Also, there should be absolutely no impediment to my treating dentist being an expert witness. She is paid a salary and has no interest in whether I drag myself in to her clinic or not. I used a treating dentist in a dental malpractice suit 20 years ago.

I also found a malpractice attorney who took my case on contingency. If I have to, I will find one who will do it this time

This bad dentist knows I won that case.

I have been trying everything to avoid malpractice, as I don't want to go thru it again, it was awful.

But this bad dentist has really done a number on my mouth/dental/physical health and since he will not admit to a mistake of any kind, I don't want this on my credit report after nearly 8 years of being a good payer and rehabilitating my record on to have this drag it back down. I DO NOT beleive I owe this dentist money., I believe he owes ME for what he did. I know alot about dentristy from studying it and I beleive the "care" was below substandard

I WILL pursue the dental board. I know there's one in my state.

Thanks for replying

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I had work done by a dentist which I felt was substandard, asked for a refund, got the run around, filed a complaint with the governing agency in my state

and next thing you know the dentist office calls and offers me a full refund. If the work done is as shoddy as it sounds I think you should get satisfactory results from the licensing board.

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I wasn't going to respond to this thread as it deals with areas of law that are outside the provenance of this forum ( malpractice).


However, I will address the issue that you raised of asking if you owe the bill.


Once you filed your rejection of the charge with Care Credit and they withdrew the payment from the dentist, then the question of your owing the $$ lies in what the dentist can legally do to try to collect the $$.


If he has turned it over to a CA you can dispute with the CA with the medical DV after doing some proactive stuff to protect yourself.




The medical DV includes a total cease and desist, so presumably the CA would be enjoined from reporting.




You can further protect yourself against being sued by being proactive with the dentist by sending him the HIPAA letter insert "b" edited for your purpose here:




]This account is a billing error. The services as performed were inadequate and below standard and I am in the process of filing appropriate complaints with State Agencies and will consider filing a malpractice suit for damages, which may include damage to my credit. It is not a valid bill and has been properly disputed, therefore I request
complete deletion from all your agent (name of CA)'s records and archives.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2733 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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