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Interpreting Credit Report

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I pulled my credit report today.The only thing showing in the accounts section are past student loans from Sept 01,1999 to Sept 01,1999. It shows the last payment for all loans as July 01,2000. In the comments under each loan is says, 'student loan.Paid.

There are a total of 16 loans all with the Royal Bank.Below is an example of one of them.My question is what does all of this mean?How would a potential lender interpret this.Are these considered derogatory remarks.Given how old they are, they are likely covered under the stature of limitations for Newfoundland given I have not acknowledged them in any way.If possible, how can I get these removed from my credit report.Given that this is the only thing listed in my report would I look like a new creditor,given there are not any R9's or bankruptcy's etc.

Royal Bank of Canada

reported date: Jul 01

Opened Date: Sept 01

Reported Date Jul 01, 2000

Comments: Student Loan.Paid

Charge off Date- blank

First Delinquincy-blank

Baloon Payment- blank

High Credit: 1246

Credit Limit:0

Balloon Payment Amount: blank

Past Due: 0

Balence: 0

Charge Off: blank

Terms: 0/O (open account/too new to rate,approved,but not used

Account Type: 30 Day Open

Current Payment:O/0- TOO NEW TO RATE

Payment History

30 60 90

0 0 0

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