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Help with HSBC charge offs


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I have been searching for hours through CreditBoards and google with no real answer regarding removing charge offs on my CR. I have two HSBC charge offs on my account that were charged off in 2009. Before discovering this board and (trying) educating myself I started trying to repair my credit and paid them off through the collection agencies. I am now trying to find out if there is a way to get these two TL's deleted from my report. I have been searching leading to more questions regarding this issue. Should I try GW, DV, 623 Dispute? Since I paid these through a CA would any of this be relevant? I was thinking of DV'ing both accounts and hopeing they don't respond, or 623 disputing stating last reported payment is wrong. My question is basically what route should I pursue, and since they are already paid can I DV the OC? Also it seems I have found varied outcomes with the HSBC accounts since they were purchased by Cap One, has one course of action been more sucseful than others? Sorry it it seams like I am rambling on, just feel overwhelmed and it seams like the more I learn the more questions I have. Made some mistakes in the past, now trying to correct things.


Thank You, -Brandon

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For paid chargeoffs, just try a goodwill letter to HSBC. If that doesn't work - keep trying the goodwill or look up Jack Attack or Nutcase letters. I just tried a Goodwill on two paid CO. I was told that a goodwill may take a few tries but that it works for some companies. Otherwise, the Jack Attack and Nutcase serve sort of the same purpose - it will bother them enough that they will just delete instead of going through so much trouble to fix/validate a TL that has already been paid.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3630 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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