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before you killed someone.


I am not a violent person by nature, but I wanted to drag your sorry azz out of your car, bend you over, and whip your butt...then take your keys and call your mama. Same goes for your little blonde haired buddy hanging out the window screaming obscenities and flipping everyone off.


You two certainly qualify for the finals in the Darwin Awards this year.


If you are going to drive like a complete salamander, endangering so many families, you really shouldn't have a vanity plate. Makes it really easy to remember and give to the cops.


You tailgated me for MILES...if I had to stop you would have hit me going 45 MPH. You weaved between the two lanes because it was heavy traffic, tailgating each car. You salamander...we couldn't go because there were cars lined up in front of us.


Someone turned and left a tiny opening in the right lane. You had the brilliant idea to zip in, almost clipping the car behind you. Then you thought it equally brilliant to swerve over into my lane, causing me to brake hard so you didn't clip my car. When I and other cars sounded our horns, you and your buddy thought it excellent behavior to flip us off and buddy-boy hang halfway out the window spewing some really vulgar language.


Even though I kept about a car length behind your sorry butt, you brake checked me. I sounded the horn again, thereby squeezing a lemon off "your royal highness", so you slammed on your brakes and came to a complete stop, all while flipping the bird out the window. Dumbass. I'm in an SUV that is 5 times as big as your little car mommy and daddy bought you for sweet 16. Had I hit you from behind at 45 mph, you wouldn't have fared very well.


Then you thought it equally smart to force your way over in front of the postal carrier, almost hitting her truck and the car in front. Then you braked to a sudden stop as you did for me.


Death wish, much?


How very sweet that you were flipping us all off and as you turned, blew us kisses. While my kiddo was on the phone with 911 giving them your plate, car description, direction, and description of the both of you.


So, Ryanz, I hope they found you before you killed yourselves or others.




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Next time, also take a picture of the car. It would have been perfect if your son could have gotten pictures that showed their face and them hanging out of the car......


Then put it up on facebook. Ask everyone you know in your area to also put it up on their page with the story of what happened. Eventually, someone will post it and their parents will see it..

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BDF: I wish I had thought of that. I'm sure it would have gotten a hasty response, but the dispatcher stated she had put out a bulletin/description to look for the car. I think they were probably headed to the mall, and there is a big police presence in that area after school, so I hope they got caught. Lil effers. Their parents need their azz beat too for not having a clue how their boy drives. He would no longer have car if It were my kid.


Tigz: it was my daughter that called. We didn't have time to take any pics. I think she was in shock, and I was just trying to drive like daddy taught me to be defensive and avoid accidents. In an ideal world, my son would have called, but alas he doesn't speak and is profoundly affected by autism.


Mary: In TX, if you hit someone from behind, you are at fault. Maybe some of the other drivers would have stopped and given witness to how this little turd was driving and that he slammed on brakes for no reason and blocked traffic with his antics. Maybe not. I would avoid a wreck if I could, even if my car wasn't brand new. This is why I stayed at least a car length behind him when he nearly hit me and brake checked at that time. The slamming brakes and blocking traffic was priceless.


While we are on the subject of stupid: I am sick of the text and drive crowd weaving all over the road, running up on curbs, and crossing lanes. All of these salamanders are on the Darwin list.


Thank God the streets were dry yesterday, or this little butt would have been in hospital or dead, because I doubt I could have stopped in time.


I had nightmares about hitting this kid's car, and about him clipping my car and sending me spinning and rolling.



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Hi, everyone...another newbie that has been lurking for a while, now coming out of the closet....ummm, that came out wrong...I read this and just felt I had to toss in my 2 cents. Driving in the DFW metroplex is almost never a fun thing, and morons like this only make it worse. Gems, if you would like, I am pretty sure I can get the name of the registered owner of that car.


BTW, I have seen some of the responses to newbies beginning to post, so be gentle with me...I am a naive and shy person, and get my feelings hurt easily... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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When someone changes lanes to cut in front of you, you have no legal obligation to slow down.

I wouldn't take that advice. At least in OH you have an obligation to make an attempt to avoid an accident. Granted the odds that you'd get sighted are slim to none, but I wouldn't want to hang my hat in court on saying "I had no legal obligation to slow down."

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Well in the unlikely event that anyone asks "why didn't you hit the brakes?", you would say that it happened so fast that you had no chance to. And the law is on your side, a car that is changing lanes has to absolutely yield to one that is already in the lane.


My car is so beat up in the front from hitting deer and other general stupidity on my part, that everyone no matter how crazy or road-raged, gives a wide berth. It also works well to keep pedestrians on the sidewalk where they belong.

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Did he happen to be driving an Audi? :angel:




Sounds more like a BMW driver to me. :D

:rofl::grin: If someone is trying to cut me off, and I see its an Audi driver...I speed up..they.are.the.worst. :beee:



No no no, It's always the Lexus SUV drivers around here. Every. single. time.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3080 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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