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Who is Med Coll on report

The last post in this topic was posted 2731 days ago. 


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I cannot find out who Med Coll is on my reports there is no addresses or phone listed for them.

I searched other places and cannot find who they are.



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The last post in this topic was posted 2731 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By Menta33
      I'm trying to follow the method here: http://whychat.5u.com/hipltr.html on a medical collection account appearing only on my friend's Experian credit report.

      I first disputed with Experian and it came back with the result of "Remains". They did not supply the name and address of the doctors nor the dates and type of service, nor to whom the services were supplied, nor the name of the person who supplied the information to them. The Experian collection entry only states the CA and the original creditor as PROVIDER and date opened. Is this response as expected and was I right to continue to the next step?

      Then I sent a DV to the collection agency and I got two letters back from them.

      The second letter, sent five days after the first states in part:

      Spelling error is theirs. Below the signature line are listed three accounts with $0 balance, but none of their "Our Acct #" match the collection account number reported to Experian, although the "Client Name" does match what Experian shows.
      The first letter that I got back first states in part:
      The first letter also includes a computer printout for the account at CA for PROVIDER, however, no mention of what service was provided, only a total balance, date of service, date of referral, and interest charges at 10% per annum.
      Now, this is not proper DV as there is no signature provided by me and a computer printout is not DV. Further, they did not comply with my request to provide a copy of their agreement with PROVIDER that grants CA authority to collect on the alleged debt nor did they show my HIPAA authorization.
      Therefore, I think the next step is to do the following:
      Send HIPAA letter to Health Care Provider. Include the original debt amount (ignoring the interest CA added). Is this correct, do I ignore the interest charges and only pay the principal? Or since I don't have proper DV, should I not pay the principal either? Does the letter confirm a current relationship since they did not provide.
      Alternatively, perhaps I should keep waiting until CA gets validation from OC and passes on to me? Alternatively, perhaps I should send "FOLLOW UP LETTER TO CRA" via CM (no RR)?
      My ultimate goal is to get the CA deleted from Experian in the fastest way possible, so paying more than I might if I take longer is worth it.
    • By southernbell22
      Hi, I am new to this group and trying to rebuild my credit. Most of my baddies are medical collections.
      I received a letter from Medical Revenue Services dated 11/4/14 with 4 medical charges. The letter stated I had 30 days from the date of the letter to dispute the charges. I sent Medical Revenue Service a DV letter certified and it was delivered 12/1/14 (within the 30 days).
      Medical revenue services did not respond to the DV letter but I received a alert from my credit monitoring services all 4 bills were added to my credit report and it made my score drop 11 points on 12/24/14!!! The CA listed on my credit report is Medical Data Services, Not Medical Revenue Services! Isn't that illegal? What can I do, what should I do? So frustrated.
    • By ashcredit16
      Hi All! Got a few questions:
      I started WhyChat's method for HIPPA dispute for 3 medical collection my DH has. He has disputed the old addresses, and opted out.
      One of the three was removed on the first go around. The other two came back verified.
      We received nothing from the collection companies after the initial disputes.
      We sent the medical DV to the two remaining collection companies that verified. And Sent the follow up dispute to the CRAs (once we confirmed the DVs were delivered) with the copies of the following: delivery confirmation, green cards, and letters sent to the CA.
      Here is the responses:
      Experian - Responded stating one of the records is no longer in the file and they would not investigate the other - reason being they have previously investigated already. How should we proceed? We have received NOTHING from the CA - Account Relosution Service (ARS).
      We have not gotten a response from Transuion yet
      Equifax - Delete one and ARS remains as verified on the report as well.
      How should we proceed with this???
    • By angye72
      Hi Everyone first post please help...
      I need clarification. I'm a lurker usually but I cant figure this one out. I have a medical CA on TU and Equifax but not Experian reports for $72. First- I sent out CRA letters following whychat's hippa program.I have moved from address service is tied but less than 2yrs ago. I've opted out and asked for old addresses to be deleted via mail. I then sent out dv letters to two CA for two separate bills. One of the two CA, is local and responded via cm within a week -but my daughter signed for the letter, I was at work.
      Back story: I'm a 41 yo female had a baseline screening radiological test done at 38 which my insurance paid -but you're only allowed one, if all is well, until 40 before insurance covers another screening but I told the provider I had high risk situation. Then at 39 he sent me again but, he didn't code this for my family risk so insurance didn't pay. I called my doctor to ask him to change the code after I spoke to insurance co and they said all he needed to do is retro change the code for the screening but he would not change it.
      Back to now...I had local area ca amount listed for $72 that differed from eomb amount of $408 for non covered exam which was strange because I went to local hospital for this service but bill is coming from a local radiology service company. It differs from my ins co eomb amount for dos 11/3/11 where bcbs refused pmt . Also, since dv another $26 was tacked on by the CA for another code possibly charge for computer read of test. I see nothing via my ins co site that clarifies the $72 and $26 charge amounts the CA has on their own invoice sent to me for charges they supposedly verified through my insurance co.- I only see amount $408 denied because the code didn't support my need to have that test done.
      It's $98 now vs original $72 reported to CRA's. The CA has verified relationship with Rad Co but for different amount I'm seeing on eomb. I can pay it using hippa "a" to OC but is this Radiology Co the true OC? I'm not happy having to pay something that's a simple fix via the MD and I have since changed providers. I'm unsure of true amount. I just recently this week also got a bill for $408 from CA lawyer in TX this same bill. I understand I don't owe the CA period.
      What do I really owe? to who? why? I have a DV prepared already to send to this TX CA lawyer for $408 amount.
      Sorry it's so long. Please help
    • By jlynn1014
      I have a bill from an ambulance service that I need to take care of. I have a letter from the collection department of the OC. My husband was insured at the time but the ambulance company has never filed a claim for this with our insurance company, and to be honest, I'm not sure if they take care of that or if we were supposed to do that ourselves. Do I respond to this letter and ask for verification of this debt first, and does that include a cease and desist so they don't report this to the CRAs before I can get it resolved? How do I ask them to file this against our insurance for payment without jeopardizing any future position I may need to take if this should hit the CRA before then? I am not trying to get out of paying the bill, but I would like to prevent it from reporting on his credit before we can get our insurance to pay it. Should I call them to resolve, since this is the OC and not a CA? Thanks!

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