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Once USAA issues dealer e-check, will they have reason to pull credit again?

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My other half applied for a USAA auto loan through a preapproval link on her USAA page. They of course pulled a hard EQ despite the "pre-appoval" (no big deal. we expected them to).

they approved her for about $4K higher than the maximum amount listed on the pre-approval offers page.

So she printed her electronic dealer check and instructions and her account page indicates and auto loan which is pending her actions to pick a car and process the check.


my question....


a week After her approval her ex who is ordered to pay some combined student loans they both had failed to do so and some student loan lates appeared and of course made her score tank over 100 points! She is greatly distressed because after inquiries the student loan folks are of course not giving her any immediate satisfaction or solution and the later are of course staying. the ex supposedly had auto pay hooked up as he had been paying them for the last couple years just fine and supposedly switched accounts and didn't let the student loan people know. so they are legit lates.


Will USAA have ANY reason to pull another report on her if they already issued her an echeck and decision good for another 3 weeks? I would assume if they had reason to do that it would obviously reflect the later and her ex's fault or not, they are there.

Just curious if anyone has had USAA pull credit AFTER they already issued the electronic check ?



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I understand. But she already hit the link and filled out the app then they pulled a hard EQ and approved her and issued an echeck and an auto loan account pending her basically taking the echeck to a dealer and getting a car. they made the decision good for about a month. as such I would think in theory anyway since the approval has already had a hard pull and has an expiration that they would not be pulling another report on her.


I was just asking because I didnt want her to go through all the dealer garbage just to have another incidental hard pulled with for whatever reason with potentially negative results. I figure since the approval expires that this would at least indicate there would be no other need for another hard pull assuming she bought a car within the timeframe of this approval.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2902 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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