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Mo Munny Mo Problems

Anyone Apped the Amex Biz Simply cash as first Amex?

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How many of yall have never been an Amex cardholder, but applied STRAIGHT for the Simply Cash Business card, or even post up if you applie straight for any business card?



Now that I can finally get an Amex, I dont really want/cant benefit from any of the personal cards at all.


I CAN benefit from the Simply Cash, though....


1. it wouldnt pop up on my reports as a new account!

2. would help me build my business credit too!

3. FINALLY "start the clock ticking" for my evil master Amex backdating plan muahahahahaaaa

4. NO AF




As for the rest of the cards....


1. Green: Not a big fan of AFs, especially when theres no cash back, and only 1 point per dollar/2 points on Amex travel purchases, unless you travel a LOT. Id have to spend $9500/yr just to get the $95 AF "back" in points. Unless you buy $4750/yr in travel straight from the American Express website.(never happening). Even then, you're still just BREAKING EVEN, and you have to buy from Amex with those points right? Eh, their prices cant beat places like cheaptickets.com etc can they? Im rambling....



2. BCP: 6% on groceries would be nice, *but I eat out every day, as I am always on the go, and even if I bought groceries, Id have to buy $1250 in groceries a year just to break even. Anything after that would be benefit or "profit" as I call it lol. Sure the first years free, but I've got at least a good 25-30 years left in me so I figure


*Maybe later when I have kids to feed(I dont), or have time to cook(Kitchen isnt even in existence anymore, remodeling), or something. After Im spending $200/mo at the grocery store I would definately get this card though. Im naming my first born child: "Cash Back" haha


3. Travel related cards(HHonors, AA, Starwood, etc): I did a lot of traveling already, I want to rest lol. Again *maybe later when Im "rich" lol


4. Costo: We dont have one in south Texas.


5. Blue: 2.5% isnt bad, but I already have a 5% card that gives me cash back towards a new GM car and I *ALWAYS buy GM so...yeah. 5% GM card all day.


That pretty much covers the entire lineup, since obvjously, if I wont pay $95 for a Green, I wont pay $450+ either


Im just saying, The Simply Cash is the only card I actually would 100% use and like, forever.



So I want to pull the trigger, but Im not sure on the standards, I have Pendfed $9500, a CU $7500, 1997 file start date, 5 years AAOA, 7% Util, DTI 10%-15%, high 700s across the boards....so I dont know why they WOULDNT approve me, but I am curious anyways as to what you guys may have experienced.

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Nov last year, I applied for the Simply cash seconds after applying for the the Business Platinum. Platinum was approved, simply cash denied. in the last 2 month I added 3 more AmEX credit and charge cards PRG, Mercedes Benz Credit card, BCP).

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