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Credit Report for Medical bills

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On my credit report I have a few that say will be on report till 05/2013 should I bother with these to get them off or just leave them alone? Will they go away on their own? I am new to this my husband and I want to get our house in our name right now we are buying on a 10 year land contract with 7% interest with a ballon payment due at the end. We will never have the ballon payment at the end and want to get a mortgage with a lower interest rater and hopefully lower house payment. Neither of us has any credit cards and the only thing on our credit mostly is medical bills. I have student loans but those are all in good standing. I also have a bankruptcy on there that say reporting till april of 2014 we would like to have the house in our name by the end of this year. Will the bankruptcy hurt me that bad if I cannot get it off I am going to try. I also have a judgement that was filed for medical bills but that was taken care of and never went to court that I would like to get off also that I am going to be working on. We filled out a financial aid through the hospital and all our bills through there were wiped off as not oweing.

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I had about 7 or so old medical debts that were set to age off my reports by this month. Breeze told me to go ahead and dispute them all as "obsolete" and most of them came right off! I waited a few months and today I verified that they're all gone. :clapping: You should try that - it's worth a shot! They're almost gone anyway!


I'll leave most of the advice-giving to the experts but I do expect someone will tell you to establish a little revolving credit to up your scores in time to get a mortgage. Good luck getting that judgement off - I have one that says "filed" which makes me think it was never actually recorded, and I want to get it off my reports too.

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I know tried getting a credit card for revolving credit but can't because my credit scores are 581,582, & 517. I don't think mine was either we never went to court everything was taken off with the financial aid through the hospital. Trying to see if I can find the letter or if they will send me a copy of the letter saying everything up till that date was cleared off and I owed nothing more. I'm trying to get it up above 620 so that I can get a mortgage. I would like one by the end of the year but as long as it is in the next year or two that would be good also. We are buying on land contract and everything we are paying is going to interest. Would love to get everything off my credit and get a loan I'm also working on my husbands also his credit is about the same as mine pretty close to the same scores.


Anyone know if the housing commission reports to the CRA's we took out a loan through them for $3400 to pay for part of our furnace that we had put in. Will that help or hurt my credit we pay that on time that is a 0% interest loan and only a $20 a month payment for 14 years but we are paying it off early as we do with all our loans.


We know we were screwed us on the price because they owe nothing on the house and the house they just moved into they owe nothing on also. From the day we moved in the furnace had a gas leak. A week later the hot water heater blew, The roof leaked in every room but the bedrooms. None of the windows lock and we found out all the seals on the windows are broke and we need all new windows and floors because the french doors in the living room were put in wrong and they just put them in right without fixing the frame or anything causing it to leak in the house when it rains so we have mold on the floor in the living room and one of the bedrooms. So we need new floors also. Just put $7400 into the furnace and turned the roof into our insurance.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3639 days ago. 


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