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Tactics for getting a $0 CO deleted from CR?


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Curious if anybodies had any luck getting a $0 charge off balance being reported by an original creditor deleted WHEN it was also being reported by the JDB/CA who bought it but both listings didn't appear on any 1 report?


Have an old charge off that was sold and the outstanding debt (which is grossly inflated) is currently only reported by Experian, and is not reflected on TU or EQ reports.


However the $0 debt (and not the inflated jdb/ca version) is being reported to TU & EQ.


I'm trying to get the $0 listing deleted from EQ in hopes of being approved for a Chase SW Visa. They currently won't approve it because this card makes it appear I had a derog Chase card but it was actually a Capital 1 card, bought by WaMu became WaMu card and was never even owned by Chase when I had the card. (which was stolen by a former roommate and charged up- hence the CO).


I was thinking of requesting deletion with CRA's directly on the basis of the $0 CO being obsolete but don't want them to somehow start reporting the sold off version which is $3k. I also considered requesting deletion since it was already being reported (duplicate) but its not actually reported twice on any of the 3 reports as discussed above.... Just trying to figure out the best angle to try to get the $0 on EQ deleted...


Any ideas??




What I would like to get deleted appears like this:



Show Details XXXX 04/17/2005 $0 01/17/2012 CHARGE-OFF $2,500

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it was stolen and run up by a roommate?


did you ever file a police report , or not? ( fully understanding the situation.... )


the DOFD applies to both the original Charged off account and the JDB's reporting.


if the JDB reages the account, it's FCRA violation ( you have to dispute the DOFD thru the CRA's first. to have a private right of action... )


what was the DOFD on the Crap one account?

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The last post in this topic was posted 4028 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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