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Opting out

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If you've opted out for 5 years with the CRA's you should be good, but I'd HIGHLY suggest you check your reports via back door and make sure that they have added the opt out statement to your reports (should say something like blocked from promotional offers). If it's not listed you should send each CRA a letter telling them that you opted out (include a copy of your signed opt out request) and ask them to put the opt out on your report. I had to do this for EX, as they didn't update my report.


Next, you should delete all old addresses from your reports. See this: http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDEBOOK.html


Follow all the steps in Why Chat's guide, here: http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDE%20HIPAA%20PROGRAM.html


You'll want to first send the initial CRA dispute letter to each CRA that is reporting the medical account(s). The language for the letter is found here: http://whychat.5u.com/hipaadisp.html. This letter MUST be hand written or printed on paper with a background picture (such as clouds) and then you match the text color close to the background color (still readable) and put it in a font that's cursive. Here's a sample letter: http://whychat.5u.com/Pre%20HIPAA%20dispute%20letter.jpg. You send this letter CM only, DO NOT send it with RR.


After you receive a reply from the CRA's, come back to this post and Why Chat will help guide you along the way. It's really easy, just be patient, ask questions before you send stuff and make sure you follow all the steps in order. Going out of order can screw the whole process up.


Trust me, it works. Why Chat is a god in the medical dispute world and will lead you down the path to zero medical accounts being reported.

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You do not have to "match" the variations of the spelling of your name to the reporting creditors. What you MUST do is to dispute any errors in your personal data FIRST before disputing any accounts. You send a properly typed letter CMRR to each CRA detailing the personal errors on your reports, it would be helpful to include a copy of the page where the errors are and have them circled in red with an arrow in red going to the correction. For instance if your letter requests deletion of an address, circle that address and write on the copy of the report INVALID ADDRESS. If there is a misspelling of your name, your letter should state your correct spelling of your name and the incorrect spelling should be circled in red with a line to a note saying MISSPELLING. etc. etc.


In addition, if you have a LOT of these errors, double check for any additional SS#s unknown entries or inquiries.


Make sure you provide proof of the correct spelling of your name and your correct address.

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For the name if they have you on with your maiden name should you request that to be removed or left on. On my report they have me listed with about 20 different varriations to my name. With my maiden name before ever being married then with my ex-husbands last name and now my current husbands name. They have all kinds of varriations should I correct it and have them all deleted but the name I use now which is my married name?

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The last post in this topic was posted 4074 days ago. 


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