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USAA missing accounts problem, hoping someone can help


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Long time lurker, first time poster. I've recently had a terrible experience with USAA. I apologize for the long post in advance.


The short story:

A few days ago I logged into my USAA online and rather than seeing my savings and checking accounts, I was presented with "You currently have no accounts with USAA." The next day I called them and after about a half hour phone call (mostly on hold), the best they could come up with was that I'd have to wait 2 weeks for corporate to determine what happened! No reasoning, terrible service. Please read on for the specifics.



The Facts:

I've been a USAA member since October of 2011. I have (had?) both a savings and a checking account. I also have a USAA debt card for the checking account. I don't often withdraw from either account, however, I usually get a deposit once every other month.

The last deposit notification I received on my phone was on 1/24/2013. I logged in 3 days later and was presented with "You currently have no accounts with USAA."

Unlike most banks, USAA doesn't have a 24 hour customer service hotline so I emailed customer service. The response was that they had no record of my accounts!

The next day I called the 1-800 customer service number. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold) as the customer service rep attempted to figure out what happened. During this time I verified my contact info, address, phone, email, social and gave them my debt card number.

The rep said that they have no records of either of my accounts and wouldn't go into further details. The rep said that they would have to forward the case to the corporate office and that I would receive a letter in two weeks. The rep declined to give me any kind of call reference number and said that there was nothing else that could be done. Unfortunately I was on a lunch break and didn't have to to ask for a supervisor.

I should also note that I've never overdrawn either of my accounts, gone below the minimum balances or imposed any kind of penalties or fees. I only had savings and checking accounts, no credit card, loans or insurance. I am still able to log in to the web interface, but there are no remnants of either of my accounts with one exception: I can see my mobile notifications for the last 2 deposits. I've also read somewhere in this forum people talking about USAA doing background checks. I have no criminal history and a good credit score (high 700 range). I've never filed bankruptcy and I'm in good standing with all of my lines of credit.

In conclusion:

  • USAA has no idea what is going on or why my 2 accounts are missing (or they don't want to tell me).
  • USAA's customer service is utterly useless.
  • I couldn't get any kind of confirmation that I will ever see my money again.
  • Even if I do get confirmation, it will be at least 2 weeks before I hear about it.

I am hoping that someone can help me with this situation.

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  • Admin

You didn't happen to save any of your statements, did you? I know I download my stuff and then back it up in the cloud since hard drives are known to fail occasionally. I'd print up anything you've got that proves you have accounts, and what money should be in them, and then write a polite letter stating your issues with what's happened and how it's been handled. Save a copy and the proof of delivery of the letter. Ask fre a response within a reasonable time, and if you don't get one, send all your copies and a cover letter to your state's banking commission, and all the other federal banking regulators http://www.sec.gov/answers/bankreg.htm, with a cc to USAA FSB. They will be asking how high you want them to jump while they are on the way up - if it gets to that point, be ready to move your accounts. They may not want your business any more.


Just my uneducated guess - it's a security issue and they aren't ready to admit it. Everyone check your accounts.

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Thanks for the reply. Regrettably, I opted to go paper free on the statements and all of the documents are now gone off the website. I never imagined that this would happen. I do have my account numbers somewhere... I may attempt to call corporate and see if it will get me any answers.


In the mean time I will begin drafting a letter.

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That sure sucks. I have had accounts disappear for a few hours, but the error messages usually state that it is a temporary website issue.


I would try to escalate the issue to executive customer service. Also, you can try their 24-hour technical support number. If they can't help, then somehow you are likely to be on USAA's list of undesirables.


Are your accounts relatively new? Have you had accounts before with USAA that were in default? They are also known to verify military service with the SCRA database.

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Sorry this happened to you. I always save my online statements to my hard drive and then once a month I back them up to a portable hard drive. You just never know if a site's going to crash, get hacked, or having issues like the one you're going through. Hope you get this resolved quickly.

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Unfortunately I don't live rear a USAA branch. I have my USAA member number (which didn't work when I typed it into the automated phone system). I only have the last four digits of my account numbers. I have a ton of emails fromUSAA stating that I have documents waiting to be viewed on account number ####. The only paperwork that I believe I received from USAA was the paper that the debt card was attached to.


I'm usually very good at keeping all of my paperwork and I can't find anything. I have two 3rd party companies set up to direct deposit into the USAA checking account, but their online systems don't give me access to the complete account number.


This has been a real eye opening learning experience. I would call customer service again, but I really don't have any new info aside from my USAA number.


Also, I'm not military. I signed up for my accounts when they opened their banking to the public.


One odd thing is that when I log in to the USAA website, all of the messages for my accounts (statements and notifications) are missing. However, when I log into my mobile application, I can go to the notification area and see the last two deposits. There are no confirmation numbers, just the amount, date and last four digits of the account.

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Man, sorry to hear that. That is a good example why i do not bank with any internet bank or any bank that does not have local branches. I feel better with local banks. That way I can walk to the branch and smack the supervisor, so the can get their act together. lol

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Quick update: I called back and asked for a supervisor. I got a guy that is an executive supervisor (or something like that). I provided him with my USAA #, the last 4 digits on my two accounts and the deposit info for the last 2 deposits.


He kept asking my questions pertaining to my debt card. When did I get it, am I sure it's mine, when is the last time that I used it, etc. I told him it had my name on it and that it is the original card I received when I signed up. I think I've only used the card maybe twice.


He told me that while my name is on the card, it is linked to someone else's name :sorry: (whatever that means) and apparently they are pursuing it as a fraud case, but he made me feel like I was the one being investigating. I should know what is happening in 5-7 days. I don't know who would be linked to my account. I've never been married nor do I share a bank account with any family members. I've provided them with every possible detail of information, I can't believe this is happening.

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  • Admin

Go file a police report (they will probably make fun of you, but you need to invoke your legal rights), put a fraud alert on your credit file. Someone may have used or stolen your card, You are not the one at fault, and USAA will be the one on the hot seat in the end. Really.


Having been on the management end of things, the entire point of what they do when they know they are wrong and do not want to or cannot admit it, is to keep you off balance and on the defensive.


Everyone here will tell you I am the "be nice, make them want to help you" advisor. But do not let them make you feel this is your fault. It is theirs. No need to be rude or mean - the phone reps didn't do it (I don't think) but if they ask you questions like they are fraud detectives, and you are a suspect, do not respond defensively. Don't make small talk or suggest what might have happened. And by all means, get this on the records as a crime someone else has committed by filing a police report.


Do you have your homeowner's insurance with USAA? Whoever it's with, once you have the police report in hand, file an insurance claim for ID theft.

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That sucks. I only have a checking and savings too. They've been mailing statements. I never turned them off. If this doesn't resolve, check with the FDIC, and other regulators. A police report is also in order. Say you witnessed a bank robbery... The bank robbed you.


One more thing: They must have snap shots/backups of their databases. For serious stuff like this they should be able to look back in time.


I just checked my accounts. It's all there. All $600.

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A lesson for everyone watching. download statements, contracts, etc. screen captures, emails, credit reports - everything. I've never, in all my life, seen the kinds of incompetence I've seen in the last 15 years.


Preach it Breeze!

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  • 1 month later...

Wanted to give everyone an update. After waiting for over a month with no update or correspondence from USAA about my missing accounts/money I began preparations to file complaints with FTC, FDIC and open an investigation with law enforcement. I drafted a letter to submit to USAA's corporate headquarters. Before committing to the aforementioned, I decided to call USAA once more.


I immediately asked for a supervisor, and again got an "executive supervisor." Once again, I detailed my story and provided all the same information as before.


Long story short/conclusion:


Apparently there was an error by USAA where my accounts and atm card were transferred to another usaa member with the same name and middle initial. Once the guy saw he had extra accounts, he immediately transferred the funds to his own account. As a slap in my face, the exectutive supervisor mentioned that in addition to the fact that the problem shouldn't have occurred in the first place (differences in address, ss#, dob, etc) the first executive supervisor that I spoke with (over a month ago) couldn't have missed it. Since the whole process of getting my funds back was extremely tedious (we spend 2 hours going through every transaction since the beginning of the account), I'm guessing the first Flower Pot, Ceaser, didn't want to deal with it so he lied and said that the problem was being investigated.


Apparently there was never anything reported to the corporate office, no investigation, no fraud report, and if I hadn't called, I would have never heard from USAA.


  • USAA made a huge, unbelievably salamanderic mistake and gave all my money to someone else with the same name.
  • They made me feel as if I was being investigated for fraud
  • They LIED about an investigation and never followed through when they promised on multiple occasions that they would
  • It took over a month to get my money back and a logged total of nearly 4 hours on the phone as well as countless hours doing research online
  • When I did get my money back, they tried to charge me $20.00 for a wire transfer fee to get my money out

Needless to say, once all of my money was back in my USAA accounts, I DEMANDED that my money was immediately transferred to a REAL bank and no, I would NOT pay any fees. Upon transfer, my accounts were closed. Thank God.


I've dealt with some horrible companies (AT&T anyone?), but I can honestly say that USAA is the single worst business ever. The lack of professionalism and high level of incompetence is inexcusable. I can't even imagine how tragic this experience would have been if USAA was my primary bank.


Lessons learned:

Always backup everything, download statements or have paper copies, check your account often, use a bank with local branches, be a squeaky wheel in a customer service situation and finally, don't use USAA.


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and support.


The end....

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I was wondering what happened. Glad you got your funds back. I don't blame you one bit for taking all your money out. If I was in the same situation, I would have left a few dollars in a savings account (just a nickel above any minimum to avoid a fee) too keep them in mind, but not a penny more in business.


What happened to you really sucks. They treated you like a criminal. People have the same names, and for a bank that has millions of customers, a lot of their customers have the same name. Fortunately my name is quite unique. I've only found one other person in the U.S. by searching my name on the web, with the same. I wouldn't though, change your name from "John Smith" to something like "Moonbeam Von Blubberbreath the IV" to avoid this issue in the future. :)

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Wow. What a terrible experience, I'm really sorry.


Solidifies my choice in moving my USAA Brokerage account back to Fidelity and my Checking/Savings back to a local CU.


(Not that I had a negative experience personally, just as a solution, USAA wasn't doing it for me)

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  • 11 months later...

Hello geo-engineer. I came across the same problem. My investment accounts were completely gone. There were no traces of it in my messages either and I never backup any documents.


Do you still have the number for the supervisors? Do you know what should I do? I don't even have the last 4 digits of the accounts or anything at all.

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