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On 3/1/2019 at 12:14 AM, DPB said:

I searched, but wasn’t able to find an answer.

I have a BK7 that was discharged 4/11. That is the only negative item on my reports. 

I’d like to get it removed, but I sill live at the same address that I did when I filed the BK. Is there a variation of the method described here, or maybe another method, that would let me get the BK removed? Or am I stuck with it until 2021?


My apologies for bumping this thread, but I feel like a lot of people are still having questions regarding getting a BK removed, as well as the question this person posted. What does one do in this case? My first thought was to say get a PO Box that is recognized as a street address and include that as your current address in your dispute letter to have the old addresses removed. Then I thought that the CRA would look at your state ID or DL and see the address tied to the BK and not remove it. I mean, one could update the address on their ID to reflect the new address, but that seems like a lot to do. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

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