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FICO Effects Spreadsheet

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The counter-intuitive result of there being LESS of a drop for going from 0 to 6 accounts instead of to 3-5,


is that there's a FICO boost for having more than 5 accounts.

I don't see a drop on this graph, what do you mean by a drop?

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When I only had the BK PR left, I did get a bunch of CLIs on cards. Also, certain store cards became easier to get and Discover wanted me, even though I bk'd them. Chase didn't want me & Citibank didn't either, nor Amex- bk'd all three, too. I could get some store card action with Citibank, but low credit lines, and some rejections mixed in with the approvals. BOA, which gave me my biggest card post-bk (non-MBNA, BOA from before the merger) will not let me get any other card, citing the bk only. USAA became more open and also some smaller credit unions.

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I’m sure all of you are capable of reading the graphs, but I found it interesting that the FICO Estimator gives the following boosts for middling and bad profiles:

30 points at oldest account hitting 5 years
15 points at oldest account hitting 10 years
10 points at oldest account hitting 20 years

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1) Even though NPSL card balances are not included in Overall Utilization calculations, they ARE included in TOTAL BALANCES

2) Note the drop at $1,000 in total balances

3) Above 50% Overall Utilization, size of balances is no longer a factor.


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In regard to charge cards, the balance does not appear to be added in. I've had balances of approx. 20k and 60k on my Amex come and go without any affect at all on FICO (MyFico EQ). This may be an artifact of the simulator.


That could very well be the case.


There's also only a 5 point difference between $1k and $20k in balances. ;)

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Thanks so much Mr Wang for all that you DO!! I learned a lot from experience, trial and error, watching my score and reading your posts, all have helped me to become well rounded, I don't really understand the charts, I think I'm confusing the abbreviations etc... my goal is to make it into the 800 club, if you have a moment to advise me, I would be forever indebted, kind Sir :yes2:



Credit Age=4years
3/09 Oldest Account Opened
Total Inquiries: 4 (3 of them will be 2 years old (drop off) in may,june,july respectively. The fourth should count as 1 from multiple pulls in one day from auto shopping and is over 1 year old)
TRANS UNION 770 (walmart fico 08) fluctuates from 770 to 750 from month to month. (I have no clue why)?
Total Credit Card limits (5cards) $29,800
Total Credit Card Balances= $2.00 (carrying on one card only and paid in full after the statement reporting date, the rest are kept at $0.00) Unsure if I should keep repeating carrying the small balance from month to month or return to allowing All revolving accounts to report $0 consistently?)
$7000 BOA
$6000 Credit Union
$5800 Credit Union LOC
$5000 Credit Union
Total Installment Loans= 2
AUTO= $10K remaining balance
PERSONAL LOAN= $900.00 remaining balance
No Baddies
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The last post in this topic was posted 1716 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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