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*BETA* Automatic INQ Counter for EQ and TU


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Counters back up again. Let me know if anything needs to be changed/added/whatever.



I've come up with a EQ & TU counters myself and posted a thread on it: ...maybe we can combine the efforts?



Fine with me. I am not very active here these days, so not a bad idea to have redundancy since they have a habit of going down. Not sure what you had in mind.


*EDIT* After testing yours out, looks like TU is broken? Using your sample data shows 45 softs?



LOL. I was using a predefined list fot the TU so it ignored whateveer you put in the box. That has been removed so now it will calculate what you put in the box.

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Hey guys - I'm still trying to get the grasp of this thread, but I've pulled my report from Equifax and cut & pasted the softs on the program.


Out of all this:


AR-BEST BUY / CBNA 11/28/14 AR-CAPITAL ONE NTL ASSOC 12/17/14 AR-CCB/BML 07/22/14 AR-CCB/PPC 09/23/14 PRM-CITI CARDS CBNA 09/02/14, 02/13/14, 01/09/14 EQUIFAX 01/01/15 EQUIFAX 12/30/14 EQUIFAX 12/30/14 EQUIFAX 12/27/14, 12/25/14 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 01/02/15 Equifax Consumer Services 01/01/15 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/03/15 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/02/15 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/01/15 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/01/15 FAIR ISAAC 12/24/14 FAIR ISAAC 12/24/14 ND-FAIR ISAAC 12/24/14 AR-MACYS/DSNB 11/28/14 PRM-FINANCE MARYLAND LLC 06/23/14 EMPL-MICROBILT CORPORATION ::5503826611 08/05/13 AR-NAVY FCU 10/28/14 AR-ONEMAIN FINANCIAL 08/05/14 PRM-ONEMAIN FINANCIAL 12/10/14 PRM-PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE 10/03/14, 05/02/14, 01/24/14 ND-THE HERTZ CORPORATION 11/16/13 AR-THE HOME DEPOT - CITI NA 11/28/14 PRM ONL-WYNDHAM VACATION OWNERSHIP





But out of those, only 4 count :(

What other ways can I get a soft? I've got 4 HD's I want to B*

So far, I've just been pulling a report from the Equifax's site once a day.

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ugh, yep - you're right :(


I did - and will have to keep going through all 10 pages until I get it... I didn't see a list of monitoring sites that would pull from EQ. So far, I've just signed up for MPM, USAA's CCMP, and myFICO(which only counts that initial pull, from what I understand)

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I really appreciate your response shifter, but I'm afraid your point is going over my head.


I'm at page one and I see one of the posts mention TrueCredit... which is TU - would they also pull EQ? (even though I'm not requesting my scores from all 3 CRA's ?)


Another post mentions adding Truelink and Consumerinfo.com to the 'whitelist' - I went to the consumerinfo.com site and it seems they pull EX... how would that go into pulling my EQ?


forgive my noobness

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