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Old Utility Bill in Collections & Want PFD


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I applied for a student loan and was told that I need to resolve an old collection account before they will approve the loan. It's an old ATT utility bill for $93. It's an old balance that was never forwarded to my new address after I moved. I never received any notice from ATT. All I received was a letter from a collelction agency (a few years ago).



I want to pay it off, but do not want it to stay on my credit reports. I read about PFD and want to try it. I did a brief search on here, but I'm still a bit unsure. Who should I send the PFD letter to? Should I call them first? Does anyone have any experience with PFD with old utility bills? I need to complet this as fast as possible (for student loan deadline). Any advise is appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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You send PFD letters to the company reporting, since the goal is to get a deletion.


Also, ask your mortgage provider if they do " Rapid Rescore ", which will allow them to immediately use the paid collection to rescore the report/score on which that collection appears.

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In my experience, I had almost the same thing except a different CA. I called AT&T, they had to transfer me to another department because my account was old and the front line CSR could not pull up the account. I explained to them that I had canceled my service before the last bill because I wanted a faster internet speed. The cable was bundling all three service really cheaper than I could get them separate. I told them that Bellsouth billing policy was to bill the service in advance. I also mention that Bellsouth did not send me a final bill (this was just at the time AT&T took over).


The lady was real nice and she stated that she has fixed many problems after the takeover from Bellsouth like this. I further explained that I was going to look into U-verse as quick as it came to my area and I wanted to make sure I was on good terms with AT&T when I switched. She looked at my account and agreed that it was Bellsouth's mistake.


I mentioned that I was trying to refinance my house due to a lower rate. That is how I found out that the CA that was collecting for AT&T was on my Credit Report. She told me that she would have the account fixed and recall the account from the CA. She stated that it might take up to 45 days for everything to happen. In 10 days everything was gone from my reports.





Of course as always………………… YMMV

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Thanks SBA. Well, it's for a student loan, and they don't do it by credit score. They just look at the actual accounts on your report. Odd thing is that when I pulled my report (same day as they did), that old ATT collection was not there. How is that even possible?



Justlost, did you actually owe a balance or was it actually Bellsouth's error? I think I'm going to try to call ATT, and then (if unsuccessful) do a PFD.

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Justlost, did you actually owe a balance or was it actually Bellsouth's error? I think I'm going to try to call ATT, and then (if unsuccessful) do a PFD.


It was for Bellsouth's final bill. I knew that they billed for service in advance. Bellsouth tried to bill me the last month even though they did not provide me service. I explained that to the first CRS and she transferred me after she could not pull up my account. I explained the whole scenario again. You will need to call during normal business hours and hope you get someone local.


Tell them that you had cancelled the service. Then you guess Bellsouth tried to bill you for service in advance and you did not receive a final bill to dispute the billing error. The way the last lady talked Bellsouth had done that to a lot of accounts just before the take-over.


I would try this first. If it did not work ask AT&T to recall it from the CA and send you a final bill for you to pay.


Maybe other people will chime in for you.


Good Luck.....

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The last post in this topic was posted 3871 days ago. 


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