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Writing down ID?

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I was at a place last night that I had been at before, and never had anything like this happen (though I've only been there like 3 times). I was done eating and drinking a few brewskies, and got the check. First I put down my Amex Plat, and she politely infromed me that they didn't accept Amex and I'd have to pay some other way. Then I got out my Chase Sapphire, and she asked to see ID. I wasn't in a particularly confrontational mood, so I played the game. Then she proceeded to WRITE MY ID NUMBER on my receipt (all the while muttering something about some "stupid new rule" which seems to indicate she was no happier than me to be doing this).


I don't *think* anything can be done with my license number, but I wonder why they insist on retaining this info? (and yes, the ID request came when I paid, not when I first ordered alcohol, so the "are you 21?" excuse is certainly not valid).

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This is actually illegal in a lot of states...


How do I find out which states it's illegal in? I am particularly interested in Nebraska. This happened to us a couple of days ago.

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