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USPS required ID - Unexpected

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Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and Cabela's in the past, but never the US Post Office. Oh well, it happened. This is actually the first time I've reported a merchant. Did it over the phone -- took about 10 minutes but it was EASY! 1-800-VISA-911. I'll do it online in the future for a paper trail. I can't believe I procrastinated reporting A LOT of merchants.


I sent the following letter CMRRR (restricted delivery to Postmaster) for $9.00 (!!) in postage total. Wonder if anything will happen. Wonder if Visa will follow through with a letter to their office.



[My Address]

City, ST 12345-1234


September 26, 2011


Mr. [Name Name], Postmaster

United States Post Office


City, ST 12345-1234


Dear Mr. [Name]:


I have always respected the US Post Office for following Visa and MasterCard merchant policy with regard to credit card acceptance, especially with requiring that credit cards be signed with authorized signature before acceptance. So many cardholders are clueless and believe that they can write “Check ID” or leave it blank and expect that to count as an authorized signature.


On Thursday, September 22, 2011, at approximately 5:45 PM, I patronized your facility and sought to purchase two (2) books of “Support Breast Cancer Research” First Class stamps, totaling $22.00. I swiped my Visa (with my authorized signature on the back), and [sally] requested to see my ID. Since my card is signed, I refused to show my ID, as the merchant cannot make ID a condition of acceptance if the card is signed. [sally] violated Visa merchant policy by refusing to proceed with the sale, so I walked out of your establishment and immediately filed an incident report with Visa against your Office. I walked back inside to inform the clerk, [Martha], about said incident report. I explained Visa merchant policy in that the merchant can only ask to see the card to compare signatures and that a Code 10 call can be placed for suspected fraud. I explained that as a victim of identity theft, I passionately require all merchants to follow merchant policy and will report any and all violations I encounter. I asked [Martha] if I could purchase two (2) books of said Breast Cancer stamps and if she would require my ID since my card was signed. She replied that it would not even be necessary to sign the Point-Of-Sale terminal. I want to praise [Martha], as she gave both 1) good customer service and 2) followed card acceptance practices.


I encourage you to train your staff to strictly follow Visa card acceptance practices, as violating merchant policy will result in lost revenue as customers take their business to other establishments, not to mention possible monetary fines from Visa.








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