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Alarm Systems for Homes

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Anyone have one?


I am looking into purchasing something like this:




I have 3 doors (2 are patio) to cover and about 8 windows total to cover. (5 windows on main floor that can be reached easily, and 3 in the walkout that can be accessed easily.)


Pros? Cons? I have read the reviews on HD and on Walmart and it seems for the most part, people love it.


My needs: Something that will beep/chime when my 3 yo opens the front door :angry:. Then of course, for "security" at night, when it's me and the kids.

Thoughts? Experiences?


I like the fact that this will call up to 5 numbers for you as well. I don't want to have a monthly payment to an alarm company etc.

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Get two pissy geese. They don't play around with intruders... heck, they don't play around period. They will bust a fool.

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I third the Geese. We have a neighborhood flock. Twice a year they like to take over the pond and block the road in and out of the neighborhood, like some kind of band of Hitler Youth. Goose stepping at a leisurely pace. "Canadian" my left butt cheek. More like Bavarian Geese.

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There are some flocks around here and some of their members are just mean. There is an older female who will rough up anyone who tries to photograph her. She has a face that says: "Trick, I will peck open your femoral artery and let you bleed out..."

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That reminds of back when I was in my early 20's...


Anyhoos, there used to be this flock of guinea fowl that loved to cavort around in the road that I used to take home from work. Well one day I got tired of waiting for them to get out of the way so I "opened it up" to about 75mph and aimed for as many as possible. :rolleyes:


I will never ever forget the carnage in my rear view mirror. I think managed to count at least six rolling balls of feathers at the bottom of this huge cloud of small feathers. :rofl:


The second worst roadkill incendent was at a McDonalds near the beach. We had just gone thru the drive thru and my friend who was driving goes "hey you want to see something funny here watch this". Of course when a friend says that it usally can't be too good, but sometimes it is funny. I was like "sure". So he circles back around the parking lot and throws out his french fries on the ground. Being near the coast there are seagulls everywhere and of course upon seeing the french fries go flying they naturally thought the all you can eat buffet had officially opened. I was like "what'd you do that for" and he was like "just wait a minute" and he circles back around. Well about that time he guns it right thru the flock. Again, carnage. But what really got me was the look of total shock and horror on the kids and moms faces in the playland area. It was awful but at the same time funny as hell.

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