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Welcome to THE END of my journey!!

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Wow, I never thought I would get to write my own success story OR be sitting in this position. I began this adventure early 2008 and what a ride it has been for me. Everything that can go wrong has and Everything that could go right has. I have learned so much from these boards and of course I will still here to play it forward as well as just be the random gal that I am :)


I began this journey in 2008 with credit scores in the 400's.. literally. I believe my EQ score was 476 or something like that. It was very bleak. I had a MASSIVE number of CA's, CO's etc.. all stemming from my BK dismissals. That's right PLURAL! I had 2 BK 13 dismissals to contend with on this journey.


I found out about myself, my issues, my spending and learned to control everything. I learned how to effectively utilize my credit for what I wanted. I am still not in the "applying" world but at the end of my wonderful journey I will be a homeowner -FINALLY.


Last night, I had my broker complete my credit pull and after all these years and fighting until my knuckles bleed here is where I ended up:






Let me tell you, I have NEVER and I mean NEVER had a 700+ score in my life. Now I do... I am well on my way to 700's across the board and now it is just time which I have plenty of. My goal is to finish closing on the house and app for a card at NFCU. I think that should satisfy me completely (for now) until everything else heals.


Thank you to everyone especially: Centex, Pryan, Breeze, Jack (awww my sweet Jack lol), JEN!!!!!!!, Stryker and Radi. They supported me throughout this entire process.


Thanks to each and every one of you that I didn't single out as well. We are all a family and should remain that way!



Now for your reading pleasure (whenever you are FULLY bored lol) here is my entire journey!! (And yup I know this is really long lol)




















Exception to the rule!














the Midland trail



http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=337785&st=0&p=3124012&fromsearch=1entry3124012 (and for what it is worth now.. I should have sent my original thought process letter)



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Congrats to your success! Looks like I am back to the drawing board! Just found out that I have multiple files with Equifax. The worst part is that all the things that were deleted from my credit report is back! UGH! If you know of any contacts in Equifax Consumer Relations department, please pm the contact info. Again, CONGRATS!

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Another CB success story! Congrats. We'll leave this here for a couple of days and then move it to the success stories because if anyone deserves to have it up there more than you, I'm not aware of it. This shows how persistence pays off. Very well done!!

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clambert!!!! You deserve it!!!! woohooo!:clapping: Thanks for sharing your CB knoweldge and wisdom with me, it means alot to us newbies! :good:

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Congrats to you too!! ...from a fellow "re-builder" from 2008 and as of today "OFFICIALLY" a HOMEOWNER with EXCELLENT CREDIT, I know how loooonnngggg that journey is. I wish you the best with making your dreams come true!!! :clapping::yahoo::clapping:

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Congrats.. now go get that house :)


I am totally all over that LOL just sent my offer to my agent :ph34r:



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CONGRATS!!!! Now it's house time, then Navy time, then on to 800 FICOs! :P

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Congratulations. You've certainly overcome a lot of hurdles, and it looks like it's paying off for you.

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:clapping::dance: I screamed when I read this! I really did (and now my coworker is giving me the stinkeye), but anyway I am so excited and happy for you. Not sure if you remember me from my sob story pm's to you last month but it looks like we be homeowners soon! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you so much for keeping me sane, lol.

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