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security clearance LOI to deny

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I have a situation I would like some opinions/ advice regarding security clearances



I recently received a Letter of Intent to Deny a secret clearance(financial). the statement of reasons listed 3 accounts once charge off for 20k and a late payment of 1500.00 both are the same account different credit bureaus one has not been updated to reflect the charge off. It was for a car. that I voluntarily surrendered. The original creditor stated once they receive notification that the car has been sold they will delete my trade line from the credit bureaus. I have this in writing, but it has not actually been deleted yet.


the 3rd accoutn is listed as closed with a $0.00 balance. That accoutn was sold to a collection agency that has not reported on my credit at all, and the original creditor has no record of the account(so they say). I desputed on that basis(before I realized the balance was $0.00) , the dispute is not completed yet. but I dont think the dispute will change anything since the balance is $0.00 and the account is closed.


These accoutns all went delinquent at the same time due to the military paid me scraps for about 3 months because I PCS'd and they said my reciepts were not sufficent for my move so they took the money back. which is beyond my control but was so logn ago there i can not pull up my LES to show it.


my question is. Is the letter stating that they will delete the trade lines suffiecient in showing I am taking care of the debt? Can I submit that with my statement and a copy of my CR showing the dispite for the 3rd account (which i did electronically) ? Or should I wait it out until they actually remove it? I do not want to get denied and then get the trade line removed a week later. my deadline for my response is 31 days out.


thank for your input.

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Odd. I had really bad credit when I got my secret clearance and it still went through. It is my understanding that if you show that the accounts are satisfied or at the very least a payment plan is in place, then the clearance will be granted. I would take the letter agreeing to delete the tradeline after surrender in as proof of settlement. As for the other account, ask the OC for a letter stating that they do not have record of you still owing a debt to them. This should be enough to get your clearance started. If I remember correctly, from start to finish it took sixth months to receive my final approval to secret. It takes time for the investigation. Top secret is even worse. At least once it is approved, it will be good for 6 years unless you do something bad. Good luck!

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You should read some of these cases, I forget what year, but they even gave a "former" meth addict a clearance:




Applicant dropped out of high school and became involved with methamphetamines through her boyfriends and husbands. She stopped her drug use for two years then returned to using methamphetamines for about a year. The police arrested her and charged her with drug use in 2004. The court sentenced her to prison. She served nearly four years in prison. During this time, she learned to make good decisions about her life. Since her release from prison in September 2008, she has remained drug free and has not been arrested. She no longer associates with drug users, including her brother. She barred her daughter from her home because her daughter is using marijuana and now has full custody of her granddaughter. Her supervisor and manager recommend her for a clearance, despite her past conduct. Based on all the evidence of record, she has mitigated the government's security concern about her drug involvement and criminal conduct. Clearance is granted. CASE NO: 10-09055.h1

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I have also filled out my paperwork to reup my clearance, but now Im going for a higher clearance. When I submitted the paper to have my financial and criminal background check the clearance monitor told me I had to fill out why things were late or shown unpaid. I have sent him receipts and a letter stating my side of the story. I am currently waiting to hear back now.

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