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tommy gun

SSN issues. Improper credit reporting

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Hey, My name is Tommy. this is my first post here. this place has a ton of useful info. Glad I signed up.


So this is a wierd issue i'm having but its been ruining my last few weeks. And potentially ruined a lot more but I dont know yet. I am really running out of people to ask for advise.


My SSN is very simple and easy to remember. I had an issue getting my first bank account when i was maybe 15. There was a red flag saying it might not be my SSN. Whatever, they figured it out. I got the account. Then when i was 17 i switched banks. That issue didnt come up. I never thought anything of it. Then a few weeks ago, I try to open a new account at the credit union. They wouldnt do it because again, theres a high likelyhood that its not my SSN according to their computor. I had to get my SSN card, show it to them and then I was able to get the account. Then I try to get a credit card. They try to submit my application but the loan office says they need further verification that it's me. Basically my SSN comes up as invalid. I had to do a few things such as give them a letter from the Social Security office verifying that my SSN info is correct, run an online credit report, and have the credit bureau fix the issue. The Social Security office looked up all my info and say its all legit and there's nothing they can do on their end. That makes sense. I have a passport and visa and my tax stuff is never an issue. So obviously, my SSN is OK. But then I cannot do an online credit report because my SSN is invalid to the credit agencies. I cant get a report over the phone because the automated phone doesnt recognise my SSN and you cannot get a hold of a human being. Today i got the number to an office that deals with Experian's customer service stuff. I talked to a lady on there that every tip she had for me i have already tried and it doesnt work. She said since they are not officially experian, they cannot help me with my issue.


I really want to buy a new car. I went to the dealer with my mom as a co-signer to lease a car. The salesman ran our credit. I know i have none which is the point of having someone co-sign. My mom has great credit, he said come back in a few days when a new deal starts and we'll get it ordered up no problem. On my way down there all excited about getting a new car, he calls and tells me I cant be on the lease, they wont approve if Im on it. Also my dads name came up when they put in my SSN which is a whole new problem. so now I absolutly NEED to resolve this asap before i can do any of this.



If you actually read all that and have dealt with this please help. I have nobody that knows how to fix this. Not the bank. not the social security office. can't find a way to talk to anyone at national consumer assistance or experian. HELP!

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BUMP this for my friend Tommy. I didn't know where to tell him to start so I sent him here -- please help him out! Has anyone seen anything like this before? In short, his SSN is very "generic" and he cannot obtain credit or access his reports because it seems so fake, but SSA won't do anything.

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The problem is that very few will have experience with this unlike the multitudes with bks, liens, CAs and such. However, here are some thoughts:


If his SS# is so generic that people may just use it at random then it could trigger anti-fraud locks on automated systems. I don't think systems are programmed to look at generic or simple ss#s per se. But they may well keep track of accesses or attempted accesses for a specific ss number. In the case of human interactions, it just may seem too "generic" to be real.


As for what to do, that's tough. Because this is a corner case but one that clearly isn't the user's fault or one that time will cure, I would escalate this as high as possible. It may well require some sort of manual reset on the bad match count for that SS#.

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Hi tommy not to hijack your thread, but my wife is also in the same boat. i would also want to know the fix for this problem.


My wife who immigrated to usa on immigrant visa in dec 10. and in january she had her SSN issued. i added her to my couple of old credit cards and secured loan for 3 k from credit union and one capital one secured card. now she has a score of 731. last weekend we went to dodge dealer ship to lease NEW durango and our application went to ALLy Financial. my wife being applicant and me as co-signer. but ally financials told the finance manager that my wife's SSN is fake, since experian says it has NOT been issued by SSA as of yet. hmm wha? well finance manager said he would need to fax the original SSN card to them for them to belive it is legit number. and he did, BUT Ally financials denied our application despite me having perfect credit. finance manager said, ITS EXPERIAN which is causing this problem by putting the red flag on my wife's credit report, experian thinks they know more than SSA, and we were really upset. we went to SSA office with this issue and they also said everything is fine with the number.


I would actually want to sue the experian for having this red flag, which tells the creditors that my wife is a FRAUD. we are also very upset about it.


any help for tommy and me would be really appreciated.


Thank you.

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Document all the problems obtaining credit and being accused of fraud, plus the SSA confirmation the number is real then sue the CRA?


Document all the problems obtaining credit and being accused of fraud. Beg the SSA for a new number?


Does the IRS object when you file your tax return? They have some kind of system to identify bad numbers.


What's gonna happen when they run out of new numbers? Are they gonna pull an IPv6 out their butts?


This kind of reminds me of a story I heard. Woz, as soon as the area code 888 was added got the phone number 888-888-8888. I guess it was an OCD thing. His phone rang off the wall with no one there. He finally figured that every baby in America that got its hands on a phone was calling him.

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I have not had problems with my tax return stuff. My SSn is OK. like i said, ive gotten visas, passport, taxes, jobs, everything else you might need your SSN for exept for when it is in regards to credit. This is purely a credit bureau issue. One idea i had was to have my dad do an online credit report, get the number off the report, tell it to experian and then when a human picks up the phone just hand it to me.

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Hey T-gun... I had a similar issue, my ssn started with 5 identical numerals and then the last four, while not 1234, were a similarly identifiable, obvious pattern. No end of trouble for me--identity theft, fraud, earnings listed on my SS account that were not from my wages, etc.


The best solution, in my experience, is to get a new number issued from the SSA. They don't like to do it, but they will if you can make a good enough case. Go to your local SS office, speak with a front line clerk, then you'll need to escalate to a manager when they tell you it can't be done.


If you reach an impasse with SS, your best bet will be to contact your US congressional representative, either house or senate--they have staff that can help you get this done.


This is not likely to be cleared up quickly, but needs to be done to put this behind you, as it is likely to happen again--even if you do manage to clear it up this time.


Also, since your Dad's name is coming up when your SSN is run... do you and your Dad have the same first name? If so, your file may be merged with his. If not, is it possible (no accusations here) that your Dad has used your SSN in the past?


Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!!




My SSN is very simple and easy to remember.

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