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I'm in with Partners FCU! Any other members out there?


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On 10/18/2020 at 10:49 AM, Menta33 said:


Wish I had known this, I just paid off my loan in March and just noticed that they "thanked" me by now charging $3/month (with no notice) until they drained my savings.  I guess they are trying to eject me as being unprofitable customer after paying off my second car loan with them.

The over weekend staff is pretty lame (probably contracted out), but I got escalated to the daytime staff who called me and this CSR was quite helpful.  They reversed the $21 in fees I had been charged and waived the fee for several more months while I bring the balance up to $500.  I also nicknamed the account to describe the $500 min (to avoid fees) and set an alert if the balance falls below $500.

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