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Tate & Kirlin - Letter Need Advice

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Fridays mail came as a surprise and I'm not 100% sure how to handle it. The letters from Tate & Kirlin but the name on the account is wrong. It's some variation of my name similar to mine.

Example: Ms. Firstname La Stname AKA otherlastname So it appears the last name reads Ms. Stname AKA otherlastname. The letter is written directed to the person that way.


I put a freeze on all 3 credit reports. I searched through the country records because the letter states this is an old judgment. I searched all records and can find nothing in either the name on the letter or my name. Nothing under the index number also. I plan a trip to the court house tomorrow or Wednesday.


There is nothing on my credit reports. Not even any softs from collection agencies. Should I file something with the police because this is not my debt but the name is close enough and the address is mine.


I was never served, as the name isn't even correct. What action does one take in this case. If I answer this letter, does it acknowlege anything? accept denial that it's mine. It then gives them my correct information. I just don't need this right now. I'm tempted to contact a lawyer.

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