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Got Fraud Alert email from Amex this afternoon!!!!!

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I received an email from American Express Fraud Dept this afternoon. Someone tried to buy airline ticket on my American Express Blue. They wanted me to call them to verify certain charges.


Here is the email:

Fraud Protection Alert

Please call us at 1-800-824-9289


Dear Ron1,


To protect our Cardmembers, we regularly monitor accounts for possible fraudulent activity. On occasion, we contact our customers to verify certain charge attempts. Please review the charge attempt(s) referenced below. Please remember that some transactions, including those at gas stations, hotels and car rental merchants are pre-authorized before the final sale. The amount shown below may not reflect the exact amount of your final transaction.


If we have already reached you and discussed the charge attempts below, please disregard this email, as the concerns have already been resolved.




In order to verify that these charge attempts are legitimate, we ask that you please have your American Express® Card available and call the American Express Account Security Group as soon as possible at 1-800-824-9289. You may also call the number on the back of your Card and when prompted by our system, enter your 15 digit American Express Card number.


Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Again, if we have already reached you regarding the charge attempts above, please disregard this email. No further action is required.


Thank you for your Cardmembership.




American Express

Account Security Group.

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I already called Amex and they wanted me to verify some charges. First, crooks charged something online for $12 in UK. and it went through. Then they charged $3500 for airline tickets. Amex stopped it and it didn't let it go through. Amex fraud depot already cancelled the card while I was on the phone. They're going to re-issue a new card to me and I will be getting next week. They asked me I still have the card. I still have the card inside the envelope.They told me to destroy stole card immediately.



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I had a similar thing happen a few years ago. I was using AmEx to book motel rooms for a group, about every 6 weeks or so I would be booking 12-15 rooms (then getting paid back by the organizing body). Nice deal for points! But one day AmEx called about airline tickets. . . somebody used my card number to book multiple next-day, one-way tickets for folks with, let's say, names that bring the desert to mind. AmEx did a great job of keeping the charges from ever hitting my card or affecting me in any way.


Over the next day or so, I got snail-mail "confirmations" from the airline for each of these purchases. Odd thing was, they had my CC number and mailing address, but were addressed to various names of people for whom I'd reserved the hotel rooms. Based on those names, I was able to pinpoint exactly which motel the CC theft was associated with. Passed that along to AmEx Fraud dept, never heard any more about it. Next time we were at that motel, maybe coincidence, but the old manager was gone and a new one in place.


That first little charge is typical, they run something small to see if the CC number is good before hitting it for the big payoff.

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Wow, Ron & socallady, that really sucks. I'm glad in the end no real harm was done.




That's ok. It might happen to anyone. I'm glad they caught it on time. I didn't have to pay for it.




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Got a text, followed by an email with the same information / phone number. Within seconds of replying to the text that I had NOT attempted the charge, my phone rang with the number shown above appearing on my caller ID. This *IS* a valid AmEx alert & saved us from $200 in fraudulent charges. To find information on a particular website, type the desired search term in your preferred search engine, followed by "site:" and the web address where you want to look for it. For example, I entered the phone number followed by site:americanexpress.com. It returned several webpages within the AmEx website where the phone number appeared, so I knew it was legitimate. Very glad to have this website / forum to turn to for information.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2509 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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