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They cheated me. What are my options?

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Hello. This is my first post on this forums. I hope knowledgeable members will help me.


In June I signed up for a martial arts class using my Chase BP credit card. The employee who signed me up told me there is a $150 sign up fee and $100 monthly charge if I decide to come 3 times a week and the days could be any three days of a week. I agreed to that. $150/month if I decide to come more than 3 days. So I gave my credit card and he signed me up. The owner comes in few minutes later and takes my CVV number. I sign papers and off I go to practice. There was no paper work that was given to me. Fast forward to August, I look through my old statements and find the initial charge to be $485 instead of $250 and two monthly charges of $150 instead of $100/month. Yes, I acknowledge the error on my side not to have been looking at activities on my card. I called Chase this morning to discuss my options and they suggested I talk with the merchant first and if the overcharge is still not returned I should file a complaint and dispute these charges. I read the reviews about this particular martial arts club: the owner seems to be notorious for cheating money out of people. I wish I had read them before signing up.


I just don't understand why he had charged me such an exorbitant price.


If the owner decides to return the overcharges and puts me on $100/month plan I'd gladly stay in his club. I don't know if the relationship will be different. But if he insists on keeping the money that he basically stole from me, what are my options?


If I choose to dispute these charges, what are the correct steps to take?




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Go in there and ask for a copy of the contract you signed. If what you said is correct, and you do not see added fees in the small print, Then I would dispute the charges.


Good Luck

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