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Ninja Saviors Rescue Man From Muggers.

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A man, after being robbed of his tech, his cash, and his dignity, was then assaulted by the three muggers who were robbing him.






The muggers were suddenly besieged by a cell of Ninja martial artists, who brought down the smack upon the muggers. No. This is not a primer for a new TMNT movie... though it would be an interesting way of doing such a thing...


In retrospect, im sure the muggers lived to rue the location they picked for a mugging...which happened to be directly in-front of a Dojo full of martial arts students training in traditional black garb.


Full story here.

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Many moons ago while learning the arts, one of the first things I was told was "If we hear, see or find out you are using your skills to bully or use inappropriately in an way, we will come after you ourselves". :dntknw:


I think it should be honored by all schools of martial arts.


Those thugs are lucky they let them run away. :lol:

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I have trained in MMA for many years.


You wouldn't belive the number of Drunks and such that come in trying to start crap. :P



Yes, I can imagine. I bet it makes for some fun discussion and also for some control on your part not to open up a can on them. :wub:


I only got started before something happened to stop training. Can't remember now what it was, moved, laid off work??? Only got to the first or second belt.


I know you just love dealing with those drunks who think they can woop anyone after a few beers-- :lol: Sometimes I think they deserve it and should actually get a woopin just to straighten em out. But it only works until next drinking session and they again think they can woop the world. :lol:


When I first started, I was asked all sorts of questions. They were trying to verify my reasons for wanting to learn. They wouldn't teach anyone who they thought had shady reasons, bullying, etc.

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Eh, we just kindly ask them to leave.


Then shove em out the door if needed. We usually let the cops handle it.


Just too much liabilty on the school to beat up on them just cause they were runnin their mouth.

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The last post in this topic was posted 4206 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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