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Odd Question Regarding Judgment

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What would make a judgment just disappear off of my reports? I had a judgment on all 3 reports for an older eviction. I had disputed it once upon a time but it remained. Got laid off from my job so I stopped my repair efforts almost a year ago. Now, randomly, the judgment has fallen off of all 3 reports. (it was from 2004).


The only thing I've done on this judgment was to contact the original Plaintiff and ask what my current payoff with interest was. They then said I also owed additional money not included in the suit and that they would not accept payment unless I paid it all. I then asked them for proof of all the extra money I allegedly "owed". They said they would mail it, never did. I called again about a month ago and left a message, got no response. Now, the judgment is gone.


Weird, and has me a little concerned.

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One thing that *could* have made it fall off is if you had the address associated with the judgement deleted. Not saying that will always happen, but it has for me in the past.

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Well even if they were going to renew the judgement, it doesn't seem like they would have the one that was on your reports deleted. But who knows. Stranger things have happened.


Regarding the address, for example on mine I used to have several variations of the same address on my CR. If there was one small variation, and that address variation was the one associated with the judgement it could still cause a deletion *possibly*. Like maybe one said 123 Elm St and another variation of the same addy was 123 Elm Street, that could do it, again *possibly*.

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One other thing, neither the court who granted the judgement nor the company who won the judgement is the one who put this on your CR in the first place. The CRA's hire companies/individuals to physically go to the courthouses (or online if available) and gather the info about judgements to put on people's CR.


So maybe that will help ease worries about the judgement dissapearing. Also, what month in 2004 was the judgement? Maybe it fell off due to the 7 yr mark. It is 2010, 2004 was 6 yrs ago, but that could possibly be it, I've had baddies fall off my CR's before, due to age & not disputing, that weren't quite at the 7 year mark before.


Depending on state laws though, the creditor who was awarded the judgement may be able to have it renewed. It all depends on your states SOL's regarding judgements. If they have it renewed then it may pop back up on your CR's one day.

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Thought judgements were 10yr reporting SoL not 7?


Is this not always the case?

7 yrs. is usually the case for judgements, other public records such as some BK's are the ones that can stay for 10 years (or more).


The Fair Credit Reporting Act [15 USC Section 1681c]


(a)Information excluded from consumer reports...


(2)...civil judgments...that from date of entry, antedate the report by more than seven years or until the governing statute of limitations has expired, whichever is the longer period.


The last part, meaning it could stay on longer than 7 years I believe has to do with renewing judgements, which varies by state.

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