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I'm curious what others here recommend for Credit Monitoring.


As you may or may not know, the big credit bureaus in Canada are Equifax and Transunion. I was signed up for the Transunion service for about a year, but cancelled it back in the summer because I found $14.95/month a little expensive. Equifax provides the same service for $12.95/month.


(Pain in the butt trying to cancel TU too. It took two separate calls to two separate extremely pushy and arrogant reps, and they still charged me for one extra month. But BMO got rid of that.)


The differences between the two that I can see is that Transunion allows the ability to update your report/score any time you want. Whereas Equifax does it for you every quarter. But I could be wrong because I've never signed up with Equifax.


Is there a service provided by another party that I'm not aware of? The big banks perhaps?


If anybody can provide more insight to this service I would be forever grateful.

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Hey Stu,


I'm too cheap to pay for a service like that. I figure that if something were to be incorrect then pulling it once a year will suffice. I'm fairly guarded about my identifying information so I'm on the low end of likely targets for identity theft. Also, now that your report is clean you know a decline would most likely be due to this sort of an issue which gives you a free report. If you move... update your address with them and get a free report. New phone number? Update and free copy. If there is ANYTHING about your identifying info that's not up to date this is when we save it for - extra free copies throughout the year. In Canada, updating that information isn't usually a priority unless it's info that's attached to a fraudulent acct and that's a whole other ball game then.


So yeah. I'm too cheap so the short answer is I dunno. The long answer is save yourself the cash and play their game for the hard copies throughout the year.



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