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The credit world is changing fast.

Many of us have worked hard to achieve and maintain good credit, and now our work may be threatened by actions our creditors are taking, changes in circumstance or loss of income.

Interest rate increases may make it impossible to repay an account that was formerly manageable.

It's time for us to adapt and adjust to these changes and improve our own position in the credit world.


Bk works, but is not for everyone.

How can we get through this maze of rate-jacks, increased minimum payments, added fees, and credit line decreases?

How can we get out of the domino effect where a credit line decrease causes a lower score, which causes further adverse action by other creditors - all pushing us into an untenable position?

What are our options when our circumstances have become difficult and we can no longer make the payments creditors are requiring?


There are good credit counseling and debt management plans available now. There are creditors who will make deals. In many cases, if handled properly, these methods can be employed without leaving a trace on your credit reports.


This forum is for those who need to find a way out without defaulting or filing bk, and with the least possible damage to their credit files.



Creditboards has no financial, corporate or personal interest in any debt management firm. This forum exists to pass along information that may be helpful to our members- and to allow members to share their personal experiences as a guide to others.

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