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So when I started on her my Score's were in the 500's in October 2008 and now I am in the 700 club - so my DH and I thought that we would apply for the USAA Amex...as I applied I thought about how hard I had worked on my credit and that I would be devastated if I was not approved. Well lucky for my I was APPROVED for $10,000!!! This is the highest limit I have ever had. I was so happy that I also applied for their M/C and also got approved for the same amount!


Amazingly after working so hard to clean up all of my reports I am honest nervous about using my cards - I am so afraid of making 1 late payment. My DH and I have agreed to not used the cards that often and make sure that we PIF each month.


Thank you so much CB! I feel really lucky that I found this site!

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Well, here were the baddies -

1. AFNI collection for 395 which I disputed as incorrect balance and with the BBB and was deleted from all 3 reports.

2. PRESIDIO/CM Paid CO - disputed as not mine and deleted from all 3

3. WAMU/Providian with lates - disputed as not mine, deleted from all 3

4. 7 student loans which were reporting as past due

--4 with sallie mae and 2 with citibank (called them and reminded them that since the loans were in deferment - they could not be past due!)

--1 perkins loan with school - was also in deferment but they claimed that since I sent the paperwork in late they were in repayment and so I should have paid, hence they lates were truly mine so I sent a goodwill letter and it worked!

5. Capital One CO - deleted on TU but still on EQ and EX

6. CMS-CARDWORKS CO - disputed as not mine and deleted


I also worked extra hard and paid down all the balances to get my utilization to <10%. Funny, cause almost 1 month ago I applied to USAA for this card and they denied me stating too many obligations!

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Yes most of the accounts that were disputed as not mine were not mine and the others were disputed as above. FYI most of my disputing I did online and occasional snail mail. Got a bunch of IQ deleted from EQ that way...


I now have my 2 stuck accounts on EQ AND EX to deal with-those I will send letters.

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Psychdoc's seminar explains about disputing - generally speaking, it is not good to use "not mine" to dispute, since the accounts are verified electronically via E-Oscar, and if enough points match up, the account will be verified even if it really isn't yours. The most effective way to dispute is to find actual inaccuracies in the reporting, and spell them out in detail, forcing a real investigation, rather than the electronic name, state, year of birth matchup they usually do.


There are other relevant issues, such as the age of the derogatory information, whether it's being reported by a collection agency, a junk debt buyer or the original creditor.

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I know I am new to this but the online reporting to the CRA isn't so much a "not mine" as it is a "no knolege of account" right? That is good for the CA's who have old or tranfered accounts still listed isn't it? In a cituation where they come and say this is yours, you can still say that you had no knolege of the account as it appeared and still be telling the truth, couldn't you?

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The last post in this topic was posted 4311 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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