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How much does utilization really affect Credit Scores?

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Long story short.


I have been working on cleaning up my credit for more than a year. I have been fortunate to obtain about 6 or 7 new credit cards, NFCU (2), Cap One (2), Hooters and other store cards. Last month, I added a mortgage to the fold.


No lates on anything. Olld collections have been paid (more than a year ago) -- 2 outstanding, but are due to drop off early next year.


Things are progressing, but my credit scores are SOOOO low. EX: 590 EQ: 610 TU: 618 . I will admit that my utilization is high. I am doing a debt snowball method to pay it down... but I'm just getting so impatient. I'm hoping to see an improvement in my scores within 6 months. Is it possible?


In addition, I have about 40 inquiries and I'm not planning on applying for any credit cards in 2009.


Can anyone offer any guidance and/or support? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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.35(850-350) = 165 Maximum points available for "ideal" utilization (under 10% total, spread across very few cards? -- nobody knows for certain)


If one assumed a linear relationship between best (165) and worst (0) possible scores, then each 10% reduction would be worth ~17 points. Anecdotal evidence, though, would suggest that there are certain important thresholds below which the score bump is well beyond what would be expected using a straight linear relationship (under 50%, under 35%, under 20%, under 10% -- again, nobody REALLY knows.


When my utilization went from 90% to under 20%, my FICO went up 65 points. YMMV

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OP, you'll get there :) .........


High utilization is a KILLER, but as you paydown your balances, things will improve.


40 Inquiries???? Tooooooooo many. I agree with your moratorium for 2009.


Cycle your new cards occasionally but ALWAYS pay them in full. Otherwise, you should be operating on a cash basis without adding even $1 to your balances.



Best of Luck!!!!!!!

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Don't get discouraged EVER!!!! I started with over $100k in debt when I started my debt snowball program and the spreadsheet said it would take 2 years and 6 months to pay everything off. When I started I thought no way would I ever accomplish this and I too was discouraged. So I planned a trip to Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet that I would take the month I was scheduled to pay off all my debt. When I started it was I will go on my trip in 2 years, last year it was next year I will go on my trip, well now that it is 2009 I am going in 12 months! Looking back I can't believe I made it through those 2 years. Now I am biting at the bit to get things paid off. I started working for a new company and I get a small bonus next month which I am going to sign directly over to Visa. All of my credit cards should be paid off by April which is just a few months away and then the bank of mom gets 82% of my take home pay until the end of the year when she will be paid off. So don't get discouraged!


My biggest jumps in credit scores happened when I get below 50% utilization on across the board on all of my cards. I had one card with $25k BT at 3.9% for life so that card was always at max utilization but today it is down to the magical 10% utilization and now all 3 of my scores are over 700. I am waiting to see if they increase more in a few months when I have everything paid off.


Good luck on getting everything paid off and stick to your goal. Try setting a present for yourself when you accomplish your goal which makes it a little more bearable.

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The last post in this topic was posted 4419 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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