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Doing the happy dance!

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I just made my 7th payment on my car. I bought this car before I found this forum. Needless to say, my credit was awful. I financed it thru Drive and got a wonderful (yeah...right!) interest rate of 18.9%. For those of you who really don't know what 18.9% interest means......my car payment was $285. $120 of that $285 went toward principal, $165 of that $285 was INTEREST! To be honest, I kinda felt that I deserved to have to pay that kind of interest rate (since my credit WAS my own fault). I figured I would just wade thru this punishment to the end.

WELLLLL, approx. 1 month after buying that car, I found this forum. I started at that point to read, read and read. Ya' know this place really becomes addicting! My credit has improved tremendously after taking advice from many people, right here.

As of around 10:00 am today, my car is now refinanced with a local bank at........ 8.75% and went from a 60 month loan to a 36 month loan! It was soooo good not to be denied or screwed over! I feel so GOOD! My daughter is 20 years old and for the last couple of months, I have used things I have read on this forum to.....preach (for lack of a better word) just how important her knowledge of credit is.

So to all of you members with good credit and bad (I've learned alot fom both) who post here, I APPRECIATE YOU!

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Sorry, I feel no sympathy for any 18% interest rate.


I'm paying 30% interest rate through Westlake Financial Services (and getting harrassed by them daily much like the rest of their customers), on an $8,000 loan which will be about $12,000 when the loan is up. :huh:


Oh well, no one else would touch me.


Congrats on your new fun. :grin:

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