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Should Hegemony Switch to DEBIT?

Should Hegemony Switch to DEBIT?  

102 members have voted

  1. 1. Should Hegemony Switch to DEBIT?

    • Yes, DEBIT requires him to not overspend
    • YES, credit cards are evil
    • NO, he should ONLY use cash (15% cash discounts)
    • NO, DEBIT cards suck
    • what is a DEBIT card?

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So why this zombie thread to post in? And the one you seek is GEORGE, you can see posts from him in this thread, however he has now been gone from CB for over 10 years! (May 10, 2010)


IIRC George now hangs out with Hegemony in Vegas! :lol:


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When GEORGE was on another forum s/he wasn't that COLORFUL of uses FONTS or utilized giant ALPHABETS... It's a long time ago, while @vacation resuscitate this thread to visually show a kind person GEORGE was, and I agree with the personal description of what was said about GEORGE. On a side note, GEORGE is a fierce debate on credit relates issues and sometimes perniciously COMICAL. Thinking about it, I still have a great laugh, GEORGE famous line: "How's my driving have anything to do with my credit."   :lol:

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On 11/27/2008 at 11:47 AM, LadyRelm2 said:

DEBIT cards offer very little benefit, actually. You can still overdraw your account with them and rack up exorbitant fees. Personally, I think it should be illegal for a bank to charge a $35 overdraft fee for your debit card overdrawing your account by a $1. (Note, this has happened to me...) I have had many arguments with the bank about the way they process debits, show your debits online, and the whole process of how the POS merchant controls the process and can tie up your bank account forever, if they want.


Besides, with the economy going to hell in a handbasket, might be safer to go cash only.



Wait, once upon a time someone got away with saying this?

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14 hours ago, hegemony said:

has everyone voted?? I really want community input in this critical decision. TIA!

Thanks for the reminder Hege; I must have forgotten back in 2008. Can I share with you how I voted or is that considered private?

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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, Rogue said:

 he has now been gone from CB for over 10 years!

This is some real SAD news. Did he kick the bucket or whatever happened to him? A truly benevolent soul. . . .


I had a vision of comparing my entire wallet of cards with him like in that movie, "Up In The Air" - ever seen it?

Edited by vacation

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6 hours ago, MP80 said:

When GEORGE was on another forum s/he 

Thanks for the kind words of memory in your post, MP80. Really takes me back.


Just FYI, I have been doing some private reminiscing tonight and found this post where GEORGE admitted his male identity. So, I think we can settle that one.  For reference, see below:



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