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CVS is gonna drive me to drink!!

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My daughter has a prescription that she needed filled by tonight. I called 2 days ago to have it refilled, and found out that the dr only gave her 4 refills for it (she started taking the medication in May).


Anyway, we originally had it filled at the store near our house in May. In the beginning of June, we had to have it transferred to another CVS since the one by our house was out of it. Ok...


End of June... we were going to Vegas, so needed it before we left. We had it transferred back to our "home store". I distinctly remember picking it up there, because I picked up mine at the same time.


Here is where it gets very interesting. Tonight, DH has to pick up dd from practice, so on the way home he stops at our "home store" where I called it into. The lady he talked to said that it was filled at the "other store"... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would they fill it there when I called it into another store?


So I get pissed because now DH is suggesting that I don't remember picking it up where we picked it up. I hang up on him.


I call our "home store" and Leena answers. No... it shouldn't be at the other store.. It still needs a dr's okay to refill!!!!!!!!!! I call my husband... He has already picked it up... So, I call the other store... Apparently they have assigned 4 different prescription numbers to this medication (again WTF!!!) and she has 2 refills remaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask how this is possible. Only 1 prescription - only 4 refills. You can't add freaking refills at each store. That isn't the way it works... Apparently, with CVS.. It does.


I am transferring ALL my prescriptions outta there. Those fools have no idea what they are doing.

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When I lived in a different town, I always had trouble with CVS.


But since I've moved back to my "hometown" the CVS here is AWESOME!!


They've even overrode a doctor's stupidity in giving my mom prescriptions that were already expired (he put the wrong date on them).


They have been so good to my mom. ;)

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walgreens ain't much better.


my wife had her BC and thyroid setup on auto refill. for the last 6 months they have calle dher and told her that her BIRTH CONTROL AND PRENATAL VITAMINS are ready for pickup! she keeps trying to get them to remove the BC, and they keep filling it. she actually went in and stuck her belly up on the counter today to show them she did not need BC!

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I was thinking of transferring anyway, but this just pushed me over the edge. I like their drive thru - but the problem is, half the elderly people from Leisure World come to that one, go to the drive thru to fill their prescriptions and then just WAIT... Ummm... It's gonna be about an hour to fill them... Can't you park somewhere, or go to Starbucks or something. It is supposed to be a convenience for people to pick up and drop off, not wait for the dang things.. It's not Mickey D's...


I think I am either going to go to Target where they have the $4 prescriptions as my thyroid would qualify, and maybe use Costco as a backup. It seems to be cheaper there anyway - I pay less than my co-pay for cash instead of using the insurance.

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I use my ex employer's pharmacy, but I saw online I had a refill of my muscle relaxer left, and when I went in they said, no it was filled. I went home, clicked the box online to refill and voila, it was filled the next day. Duh

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