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ACM Group? Who are they?

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(And for some reason, he decided to talk to them on the phone. Not recorded, of course. :mellow: )


They are saying they represent Bank of America, which apparently bought an alleged debt of unknown origin. He sent a CMRRR letter, asking for validation, to Creditors Interchange, who was attempting to collect this supposed debt prior to this. Creditors Interchange never validated, and apparently sold the debt off to another company, who has since sold it off to this company.


They told him that IF no one is around to receive the summons, then he would have a "failure to appear" charge against him. Ummmm. I don't think so.


He has never received anything in writing from them, stating that they are attempting to collect a debt.


Does anyone know who ACM Group is? Googling does not help, so I don't even know if they have a license to collect in NC.


I am far from an expert in this, any suggestions and laws to research would be appreciated!

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I don't think ACMgroup.com is the same bunch. They called out of CA, and I googled the phone number (888-310-5566). A search here came up with nothing. They appear to be a relative unknown, but are rather lax in >their< interpretation of the FDCPA. But if anyone has any dirt, please share.


I told DH to tell them to only contact by mail, and let's just see what they got.

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I don't think ACMgroup.com is the same bunch. They called out of CA, and I googled the phone number (888-310-5566). A search here came up with nothing. They appear to be a relative unknown, but are rather lax in >their< interpretation of the FDCPA. But if anyone has any dirt, please share.


I told DH to tell them to only contact by mail, and let's just see what they got.

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OK then found this:

Asset Capital Management Group (ACM Group)

17671 Irvine Blvd, Suite 207

Tustin, CA 92780


(877) 398-8473

(714) 265-7996


James Novella – (714) 263-8259

Andy Han - 877-398-8473

Caller ID: ACM Group

Caller: Asset Capital Management Group

Caller Type: Collection Agency


got that info from 800notes

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I got an e-mail from my HR Manager here at work today. He had received a call yesterday from a gentleman stating he was from the prosecutor office trying to serve papers for me here at work. He was telling my HR manager that he has been trying to reach me at home and was unable to find me. When the HR manager asked what prosecuting office he was from he turned around saying that he was working for the ACM Group and that I needing to contact them. He gave him the phone number as (866) 581-6481 and also gave him my account number.


This is embarrassing since the HR Manager is asking if I am in trouble.


I have spent most of my day researching this and finally found this site.


Is it illegal what they did?????

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OP I could not find them when I did a search on the NC department of insurance website (I'm also in NC). Here's what you do: write them a DV and in addition to asking for validation ask them to provide their NC license #. Tell them if they're not licensed and you hear from them again your next letter will be to the NC attorney general. I bet they don't respond..


jvaca you also need to DV and include explicit instructions to not call at work because it's inconvenient (see the FDCPA).

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Thanks for the follow-ups! This board moves fast, and it's hard to keep up.


Jvaca, if you are still around, I wouldn't worry too much about these guys. Based on your experience, as well as DH's, it sounds like they are good at blowing smoke up your tailpipe. DH never received a summons; just more harassing phone messages.


Yesterday, Mr Ramirez at ACM left a message that said "If you do not call me back today, don't bother. I will make the decision for you." :cry2: Good one, buddy! They have never dunned DH, so at this point, I'll just sit back and collect evidence on these clowns.

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Thanks for the quick follow-ups.


Instead of doing a DV, DH sent them a letter informing them that the alleged debt had already been disputed with prior CA, and they were in violation of FDCPA 807(8). If they are dumb enough to keep calling, we'll add a few more nails to the coffin.


Kevin, thanks for the licensing info. That's another nail.

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Wow - talking about a way to get your blood boiling! I made the mistake of calling to get their mailing address to be able to send them a ciese & desist letter. He refused to give it to me telling be to 'call his bluff' on the summons, called me stupid & told me to shut up! This is all over 3 phone calls because he kept hanging up on me! Wow - I would hate to have is pathetic life & job!


Anyways, does anyone happen to know a mailing address for them so I can send my letter? This debt has got to be ancient b/c he called my parents house w/ my maiden name & I've been married for 10 years! I know he doesn't have any chance and I know that 'a dispute against my property' hasn't been filed. Just don't want him to call where he shouldn't be calling. I am also going to file a complaint with the FTC against them.


thanks in advance for all help!!

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I received a call from ACM Group the other day as well. They left a message on my cell phone stating they were a legal company and someone had filed a complaint against me at my residence and then told me my residence address on the message. They then proceeded to tell me or my lawyer to contact them back within 24 hours. Of course when I called back i was then told they were a collections company. So first I was irritated that they lied on the message. I thought someone in my building had filed a complaint against me cause that was the way their message came across. Also I was irritated that they left a detailed message like that on a voicemail that they weren't aware that I was the only one who could access it. Then came the harrassment. I was driving and asked the person on the phone if I could call them back once I got home. He said that was ok and that he would expect my call in about an hour. Literally 15 minutes later he was calling my phone again.


I understand that collection agents need to be firm and usually aren't too nice(I work at a financial institute that has a collections department). But this company is just down right rude and from my one message from them they broke 2 laws. One they lied to get me to call them back and two they left a very detailed message on a voicemail.

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How long has this company been harrassing people? They called my mother in SC and she was terrified they were coming to arrest her for an old credit card dept. When I called them back for her, they wanted to know if they could talk to her. When I kept asking questions and challenging the guy, he told me he was trying to be "patient" with me and offered to transfer me to his supervisor. I told him to send the court papers. The phone # 714-736-2693 which keeps calling her says it's "Performance Cap" but when I called the # they left 714-263-8629, they told me they were "ACM Group & Associates". BBB has given them an F rating.

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Well it seems now this company got my company's main phone number and called it and got to our Call Center. This person told the person that answered the phone (not me) that they had been to my residence today to "serve" me but I was not home and they were unable to serve me. They left a phone number and told the lady that he was calling from ACM Group and that she was to tell me that I have been "served" now. Well I don't even know where to begin with what was done wrong and illegal in that one conversation. From reading many other blogs about this company, this seems to be a regular scare tactic of theirs. I couldn't believe they would tell something that personal to someone on the phone that wasn't myself. I know the debts they are talking about have already been charged off when I was much younger and more stupid with my credit. I also know the statute of limitations on those have already ran out since most were charged off back in 2003.

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Everyone, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. What they are doing is ILLEGAL. Also, file a complaint with your State Attorney General's Office. I have consulted a lawyer myself to sue these people for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Here are some links for you. I'm in Texas, but find your state's AG. Also, here's a link to lawyers who will work on your behalf to sue these guys.





Texas Attorney General






And in the meantime, I saw we start calling them at THEIR work.... Here's some direct numbers for you.


Andy Han 714-263-8262

Ernie Wilson 714-263-8250

Tommy Morris 714-872-5030

Charles Lofton 714-872-5032

Matt Kazuki 714-872-5033

Jason Kincaid 714-872-5038

James Florian 714-872-5036

Arlene Paz 714-872-5040

Kim Miller 714-872-5039

Bobby Westre 714-872-5041

Kyle Davis 714-872-872-5037

Diana Avalos 714-872-5042

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Asset Capital Management Group

Ste 207, 17671 Irvine Blvd, Tustin, CA

(714) 669-1548



complaints can be filed with the local district attorney


The Honorable Tony Rackauckas

District Attorney


401 Civic Center Drive West

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: (714) 834-3600

Fax: (714) 834-5880

Visit our Website

Send E-mail



or You Can File A Complaint with the State AG. ( I say do both...)


If you feel, after reading this information that your rights have been violated by a collection agency, you can file a complaint with the Attorney General's Public Inquiry Unit.




If the information you provide indicates that the collection agency has violated the law, we may contact the collection agency and try to find a solution to your problem. However, some types of complaints (such as telephone threats or the use of abusive language by collectors) are very difficult to prove.


You may also wish to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This agency enforces the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FTC may be contacted by mail at Consumer Response Center, Washington, DC 20580-0001 or telephone at 1(877)-FTC-HELP or Internet at http://www.ftc.gov.

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ACM Group is a collection agency out of California. They go by various other names (i.e., UFP, United Financial Partners, Asset Capital Management, etc.). This company is widely known for employing scare tactics in an effort to get money from unknowing individuals. Before anyone makes a payment to ANY debt collection company, be sure to look up your state's Statute of Limitations for a suit of this kind. For example, in Texas, a creditor only has 4 years from the date of first delinquency to file suit. After 4 years, they are barred from any action on the debt. ACM Group attempts to get people to pay them on uncollectable debt. They do this because the minute they receive a payment from someone on a debt, even if the debt is beyond the Statute of Limitations, the Statute of Limitations will start all over from the date of that payment. For example, if you have a debt that you haven't paid on in 5 years, in Texas, a debt collection agency would be barred from filing suit against you. However, if you decide to make one payment to the collection agency, even if just $1.00, then the Statute of Limitations is no longer a defense. Therefore, the collection agency would have another 4 years to file suit.


Know your rights when it comes to debt collectors!

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The last post in this topic was posted 3663 days ago. 


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