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Which video game character are you most like?

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and why?


Short essay describing the video game character that is most like yourself, and why you think you're alike: what traits do you share, etc.?


Bonus points if you post a picture of yourself dressed up as that character.


WIN: Brand new in the box Nintendo Wii.


*** note: in order to discourage people from joining just to enter this contest, members with fewer than 10 posts and a join date after July 1 are not eligible to enter. ***

***note 2: The Cat is not a video game character, nor is OC.***


Entries will be accepted until midnight on Wednesday July 9, 2008. Voting will end at midnight on July 13, 2008.

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Charactor: Prince of Persia

Game: Prince of Persia series




First of all I'm Persian.

Second of all, I actually am from a Royal line and blood that can be back tracked as far as 2500 of years ago or as recent as my grandfather who's title started with "Born of Royalty" and then his name. So I am a prince it's just that I'm so darn humble I don't really call my self Prince Hkbushido :mellow:




I fight evil on earth such as EX :lol:

I help people when I can.

And I'm fighting right now for my true love so we can be together forever.




here you go a pic, it's PG-13 though.



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I AM - Antonia Bayle, Queen of Qeynos. AKA Queen of the Human Faction in EverQuest (2)




Because even though it was decreed by Antonius Bayle the First that no ruler of Qeynos should ever be called king, The name Antonius became the title taken by every descendant of that bloodline who wore the crown. Being a woman, Antonia Bayle took the liberty of altering the title and is correctly addressed as "Antonia" not "Queen Antonia" or "Your Majesty" or "Your Highness. She is a problem solver.


I like the way she thinks and uses her keen and superior intellect to get over, around, or under hurdles that Life and the Dark Forces of Innoruk throw her way. The evil Lucan D'Lere of Freeport has nothing on this Lady of Qeynos who possesses an enigmatic charm and an undeniable beauty, she commands the attention of all who see her. However, she is far from just a pretty face;she has a natural gift to inspire her people and make wise decisions. She speaks from the heart and motivates her subjects to believe in their ability to achieve great things. Her strongest trait is her belief in justice and it guides all her decisions. I am all about the justice.


Although, I, myself may lack her great beauty and royal heritage, we share a physical resemblance, in that the Goddess Tunare has failed to bless us with an over abundance of breast(s), as she has that silly, elven, twit Firiona Vie. I mean, seriously, how does that Paladin even walk? I don't know what that Goddess was thinking... a Paladin as your "champion"? Pfft. Stinkin' Elves.


As I do not have a picture of myself as Antonia, I am substituting a picture of the Actresses who play both Antonia and Firiona at all the big Sony/EQ shin-digs. I'd of course look just like her... :angry:






Also, if I don't win - I plan to convert to Freeport faction, join the Dark Elves and totally Kill Steal, Train, and Ninja ALL of your Mobs and phat loots. Yeah, I'm Xegony, hard core and that's how we roll.

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After comparing myself to countless protagonists from various video games, I failed to find a match. I share a couple of miscellaneous traits with the likes of Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart, Laguna Loire and even the savvy sky pirate Balthier, but lacked just as many traits.


Like our pixelized heroes, I'm clever, strong willed and, not to brag, uber cool. Unfortunately, I'm not being controlled by an alien lifeform, I don't curl up in the fetal position when things aren't going my way, and I lack a charming accent. Worst of all, I do not pilot an airship.


After failing miserably to determine which video game character I am most alike, I tried reversing the question. Which video game character is most like me? Well, what do CreditBoarders know about me? That's a good place to start.


These past few months have presented a few challenges. Recently, I discovered that someone had opened utility accounts under my name, and didn't pay them. I was left with quite the mess to clean up. My preliminary research would have led me to believe the mess couldn't be fully fixed, and that I was stuck with these unauthorized charges. I looked into it more and more, because where there's a will, there's a way.


When faced with adversity, what should you do? If you turn your back on it, try to sneak around it or run away from it, one thing is guaranteed: it will inevitably bite you in the flowers. At the slightest hint of adversity, you need to grit your teeth, clench your fists, stare your obstacles straight in the eye, and charge. That's what I have been doing my whole life. I did it in fifth grade when some kid twice my size heckled me because I was short. I did it when my twelfth grade Economics teacher tried to intentionally fail me because I was the Ferris Bueller to her Ed Rooney. And I'm doing it now with the fraudulent accounts my father decided to begift me with. They've all stood in my path, and they've all crumbled. The bully got a black eye and the humiliation of being pummeled by the shortest fifth grader in the school. The teacher backed down when threatened to be brought before the school board, and the bad accounts are falling off one by one.


The video game character I am most alike? None other than the famous Bullet Bill!


The instant Bullet Bill senses a threat in his path, he charges, determined to knock his target down to size.


Bullet Bill doesn't take no for an answer.


Even if you jump over Bullet Bill, he's ready to charge again.


Bullet Bill defies the laws of physics by being a hot shot, but cold to the core.


Bullet Bill is OLD SCHOOL.


Bullet Bill is the Chuck Norris of Video Games.


You don't f*** with Bullet Bill.


If you've ever played one of the "newer" Mario games, sometimes Bullet Bill charges at you from several directions at once. That's what happens when someone ignores my second DV letter. Eight Bullet Bills... FTC, BBB, PFB, FOAD, ITS, AG, OMGBBQ and MENSA. Yes, MENSA. I cover all my bases.





It's kind of hard to dress-up as an angry bullet, but I do have a t-shirt. It's very wrinkled, because I had to pull it out of my hamper for this shot...



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OK. I suppose it's time to come clean.


I use the same nickname I use here on many sites... I figured it would strike fear into those who watched mob movies or The Sopranos, or something else... I am DA GOOMBA, a consigliere, a tough guy.


So, you think DA GOOMBA, you think:






I'm not him. In reality, I am TRULY.....



THE GOOMBA. From Super Mario Brothers.


I wish I could say I was Mario. A tough Italian with a kick-flowers moustache, sexy overalls, and can make a pizza like no other. I'm not Luigi either, the one in the pair with no talent (kind of like Ben Affleck to Matt Damon). I can't even say I'm the Hammer Brothers, pulling hammers out of my butt to take out passerbys. Those are tough guys.




I'm short. I'm a little portly. I do have arms, but I disguise them nicely when I stroll through parks and bounce between pipes.


And I walk around naked.



I am trying my best to build up my credit.... I need that financing to be able to afford those power mushrooms so I can be big and strong like Bowser, or to be able to get one of those pretty flowers so I can shoot fireballs at those damn plumbers.


I've seen therapists. I don't know why those plumbers have it out for me. They bounce on my head and throw turtle shells at me and have no respect for me. I've even cloned myself 1,000 times and they still have it out for me. It's very frustrating. It's like getting an inquiry bumped from Experian. Damn near impossible! :rofl:


And speaking of Bowser, he hates me too. Actually, ever since I told everybody that he doesn't look as tough as people think once he takes off his costume:



... but thats another story.


So that's it. My true identity is revealed. I'm short, I'm pudgy, turtle shells are my kryptonite, and I die when plumbers land on my head. You wouldn't think that happens often, but you'd be wrong.




... or maybe it's all just a dream.


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Ok, I'll bite on this one :).


The character I would consider myself to be most like is Ms. Pacman. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures where I'm dressed up like her, but here are some reasons I've come to that conclusion:


- I'm round

- I eat ALOT

- I earn bonuses (extra pounds) from eating during certain times

- I can, depending on circumstances, be controlled by joysticks :)

- People can't get enough of me

- I'm available in a tabletop version :rofl:


P.S. Ms. Pacman is my shero. She can eat as much as she wants (as a matter of fact, she's encouraged to do so) and never gains a pound. :)



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I have been told numerous times that I look like Laura Croft and funny thing, I am most like her too.


I live in a wild habitat with monkeys, 2 to be exact. I have named them Henry and Cooper:




I search for riches on hazardous grounds (in court against JDBs).


I'm very fickle and have a changing personality....I can go from headstrong to personable in an instant....just ask my husband.


I show no fear in lethal situations....especially when poo is involved. Someone has to be the woMAN around this house (jungle).


I have been described as bloodthirsty. While I'm trying to quit I have started drinking Diet Blood, just as Laura Croft becomes more sympathetic through the additions.


I have an obstacle course in my home (toys throughout the house) and one wrong step could be treacherous.

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I am Kong. I am misunderstood and people fear me. All I want is peace, love, and understanding. However if I don't get it I will throw barrels and flaming oil things at whatever is in my way.



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To put it quite simply, my actual name is Luigi. I am a decent plumber, like the color green and ever since I was in grade school, I have (insert Lewis Black rant voice here)HATED the fact that Nintendo, since the beginning, has almost ALWAYS focused on MARIO. They called it Mario BROS. for a reason(/end rant)


Whenever I am asked for my name at the local coffee shop, they say "Oh, Like Mario Bros?" Yes, like Mario Bros. Sure they came out with Luigi's Mansion but that is practically the only thing. I am always asked "Is that your real name?" Immediately followed with the question "Where's Mario?" ;)


But for the most part, I love to help out others and a very nice guy to get along with. Just like the Luigi Character sans mustache.

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I am the 29th life in a game of Contra.


The first few lives I went through were because of stupid mistakes, right after I did it I smacked myself on the forehead, "Oh damn I knew better!" Kind of like that first 30-day late.....


Then I really got careless. I was still moving along, making progress, but what the hell - I can sacrifice a few more lives, I still have a ton left (that charge-off won't come back to me.....)


Then I got down to my last leg, battling through yet tip-toeing, indignant yet timid and overall much wiser because of the experience. One more left - no more screw-ups. I am the last chance; do it or go home.


I knew enough to ask for help when I started the game just like I knew I had to fix the problems of my past. That magic sequence of: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, start (yes, you still


know it) reminds me of the first GW letter I sent out, pleading for help.


In the end I shouldn't have had to do it in the first place. Without 30 lives the three I started with would have been all the more valuable. Unfortunately, I didn't know that when I started the game.


I am the 29th life in a game of Contra because I made mistakes, I needed help, I nearly perished; but in the end I prevailed (yeah 700 club!)



I'll break you yet Experian!



Many people say that corporations are heartless. The opposite is true at Experian, where the company is actually run by a giant heart. Unfortunately, it is a heart that lacks a soul.

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I have given this contest much thought over the last couple of days, trying to figure out which video game character would most closely resemble my many odd qualities. This was no easy task, considering the sheer number of video games I've played over the course of my short life. And so, in my own geeky way, I began to catalog and sort the games I'd played over the year. But wait, maybe that was it, I thought, that's the angle I needed to work. A geeky, nerdy character. Alas, there had to be more. How could I narrow down the field of nerdy video game characters. After much tail soul searching, I finally had it. A geeky, nerdy, woman chasing type who you couldn't help but love, no matter how much you hated him, or how mad he made you. I was drawn to a video game I played in my early days, I was perhaps 14 or 15 at the time. Sad, isn't it. Of all the video games, all the characters to pick, I'd have to pick one who, in it's early versions, was played in the wonderful world of 16 color (and later 256 color VGA) graphics (hurray for technological evolution). I mean, this thing would play on an old 286 with 640k of RAM, that's how pathetic it was. But somehow I knew the character just fit. I knew that my fellow CB friends, those who knew of the game, would instantly recognize it. Some of you (admit it, fellow nerds) are probably mouthing the title already, you all KNOW what game, and what character I'm talking about, because you've seen my posts for the last 3 years. You've heard my stories, and tales of woe. Hold off, though, don't go casting your vote just yet (yeah, you, nodding your head). . . Shouldn't you at least read my essay first?







That's right....








The game series was none other than Leisure Suit Larry. The version I most remember was Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals. (Are there really any women out there who can appreciate pulsating pectorals? I mean, honestly? But I digress). I still fondly remember trying to guess the answers to make it past the "age verification" portion (cheesy questions, which the authors assumed only persons over the age of 18 would know), which was supposed to insure you were of legal age to play. And so I had it, I had my video game parallel.


Hi, my name is Larry. Larry Laffer (said in true James Bond style). According to Wikipedia, Larry Laffer, is a balding, dorky, double entendre-speaking, leisure suit-wearing (but still somewhat lovable) "loser" in his 40s who spends much of his life trying (usually unsuccessfully) to seduce attractive women, but I'm sure even those of you not familiar with the game could've guessed that. Quite simply, he's your stereotypical male who has no tact. Larry's escapades were most often failed attempts to convince a variety of young nubile women to have sex with him (hmmmm, similarity?) His adventures were probably more fun to watch, than they were for him to actually live. Thinking back to playing the game reminds me a bit of my posts here on CB's. I am Larry, and you all are the ones playing the game. So go on, have a laugh at my expense, you know I'd do the same to for you.


He explored hotels, ships, beaches, resorts and, more commonly, casinos. Larry was always rife with sexist jokes, witty comebacks, and had a genuine knack for finding trouble (sound familiar, anyone?). Despite his hideous and outdated leisure suit, his complete and total lack of game, his overbearing, sexist, macho attitude; and his penchant for putting his foot in his mouth (again, sound familiar, anyone?), Larry did manage to always have a good time. He'd even get lucky from time to time. You see, while most of the women Larry encountered would publicly proclaim their dislike or distaste for him and his ways, they secretly swooned over his macho chauvinism. Strange creatures, those women were. Gorgeous beauties who could've had any GQ looking guy in the world, and yet they were strangely powerless to this satire of male chauvinism. Are women really intrigued by the guy who's forever chasing tail? Is this how it works in the real world? I don't think so, but hey, this is an essay about video game characters, so deal with it (and quit trying to rain on my parade).


As much as I'd love to pose for a picture here, I, unfortunately, don't have and was unable to track down a leisure suit. Rest assured, however, that I am just as dorky and non-goodlooking as the following computer generated Larry pictures demonstrate.



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