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Chase RECON??

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good morning all...


just a note to ask a quick question...


applied for a CHASE FREEDOM card- declined due to BK.


I have 705 TU; 714 EX; and 698 EQ


currently have a good mix of CC's- with varying interest rates.


I have read stories on this board of people with BK's getting CHASE cards.


Do you think they will approve me on a recon? Does anyone have a number to the credit department?


BTW- I filed BK in September of 2002. I have a good job, but wanted the rewards from the CHASE FREEDOM card.


If I can't get a recon, does anyone have any ideas on a good PRIME card with REWARDS that I can get with my scores?


Thanks much

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bump for suggestions/additional input..





I applied a few weeks ago with a BK in 05 many new accounts, about 8 inq, scores were 650's.


I was declined and called and spoke to the lending Dept and did recon on the phone..... Approved for 2k, when the card got here it had a limit of 5k. They matched my Target Visa......

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I applied for a Freedom Card last week. Received a decline letter on Monday due to BK.


Thanks to reading this post, I called the Lending Dept and spoke with a CSR requesting the status of the app. She told me that it was declined due to BK, and to 'other deliquencies' on the CR. I asked if it could be recon'd, indicating that I do not have any current deliquencies, and any that were listed were IIB. Have had flawless payment history since BK discharge in '05. CSR asked me to explain BK, she put me on hold, reviewed my CR quickly and came back with an approval of $3200. My highest CL is Target's $5K.


The CSR did say that it would go to a mgr for approval (because of the BK), but didnt think that he would disagree with the recon. I should expect to receive the card in 7-10 days (pending addy verification *shrugs*)


Scores are TU-646, EX-649, EQ-672

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Is there any difference between waiting for your letter of denial then recon or just doing it as soon as it says they will need to review?


Are you saying that the decision for the need to review came via letter or online when you applied? If the further review message was given online, I would think that you would be able to call them and check the status of the app. If they tell you denied, then ask to recon while on the phone.

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Roach Bugg- if you haven't found the answer to the question of a number to call, look into a Chase Approval thread that has been in here for the past week. It lists the lending department number you should call. (I can't remember it offhand.) You will get a CSR and they will most likely let you know the status.

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The last post in this topic was posted 4810 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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