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Credit Card "Pre-Selector" sites?

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Would like to mention I was approved with an sp on EQ for 4.5k using this site. 

anyone have a current link for US Skank prequal?   ETA: the crap1 link also seems to crap out  

UPDATED LIST 5/5/2020   USALLIANCE Financial Credit Union HSBC Capital One Citi Chase Bank of America Discovery American Express BBVA BankMob

Was pre-approved for gold and green charge at amex pre-selector and got denied for green.


sorry to hear that. i got denied like two times before finally getting approved. i actually want to see if they let me keep the card or close it before sending it out.

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I've visited the CB for a number of months - but never posted - so I hope this fits in.

On the subject of soft-pulls > I know very little. Only Capitol One.


The first item on their main Menu, across the top, is "Credit Cards" -> from the drop down list

choose "See If You're Pre-Qualified". This is a soft pull - probably a score pull only. They do

quickly look at their own records in the short 30 seconds.

I got both of my Capital One cards by using the same link. My step-brother got 3 cards from them

using the same method.

Over the last 2 years they seem to have become more lenient rather than following the trend of other card

issuers who think they are "elite".

If you get approved by them - look through these same forums for their "back-door" number. It is a customer

service section that mainly deals with customer retention. I had been given a $300 CL with scores of 595 or less.

The online approval was in in July 2008. Cap One stills does the 3 pymts on-time reward CLI. On Oct 1st I found

the back-door number here on CB - called. They increased me to $600 > then on Oct 12th when the statement

came in with the 3 pymts on-time a done deal --- > they added $500.

For a soft-pull I know they do not do a hard one the See If You're Pre-Qualified link.

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i just checked online..the credit limit for the 2% card is only 500 ..geez. I can hit that every month no problem but i guess i need to watch and make sure i dont go over. So long term when can i expect an increase? I'll be charging at least the 450 a month and paying in full every month.


I got my Direct Merchants/HSBC Discover card in Sept 2006 with a Credit limit of $500


I used to use it ALOT, especially at wal-mart becuase you can get upto like $40 cash back with NO fee's or APR jack...(apparently you can do this with any discover card at wal-mart I think it has something to do with the fact the wal-mart issues discover through GEMB and at one time discover was the only card Sam's club accepted)


Lately I use it just enough to keep it from being closed.


My limit 3 years later? $500


My household card, opened july 2007 with $400 CL; credit limit in Sept 2009? $400


Neither card has ever been late, over the limit, etc. I have added additional positive trade lines and not had one new delinquency since i got either card. additionally some delinquency have gone away from my reports, still neither account has seen a CLI

as has been widely reported, hsbc subprime products do not grow with you. my subprime hsbc/hh cards never got above 5K. Your best bet is to close them, wait 90 days and apply for a new, prime card. when I did this my weekender @5 cashback card limited started at $9500 and is now $11500.



A week ago I got approved for the HSBC 2% card, called to inquire about the CL.... $320. I haven't got the card in the mail yet, but I don't want it, even my 1st Premier card now has a limit of $425, what should I do? Will it hurt my score if I call them and tell them I don't want it when I get the card, or should I tell them I'll keep it if they give me at least a $500 CL? Any suggestions?

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From my experience HSBC doesnt do CLI on activation especially with a $320 limit card. HSBC doesnt care that you dont want the card so telling them to give you a CLI or you'll close it will do no good.

either keep it or close it, they aren't going to budge with poor scores.

is there a annual fee? if not I would keep it and ask for a CLI in 6 months. If not then its up to you if its worth it

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Hmmm, I tried that best buy reward zone pre approval... it said I was preapproved for the card, so I applied. It said it was under review 10-14 days and then proceeded to ask me a bunch of security questions and said if I chose not to validate that it would delay the receipt of my card.... is this a good sign?

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Yay! I guess it was a good sign, I checked the application status and it said I was approved for a 500 limit! I'm excited.... I now have 2 credit cards! :unsure:


Still wondering if this is one of their "rebuilder" cards as well? And I assume this is branded under the main HSBC bank and not orchard?

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Just did the Cap1 pre-selector and got:


Here’s what we found

Bobbydebt, there are no pre-qualified offers for you at this time. But you might want to check out the offer below.


The offer below is for the Cap1 Classic Platinum card.....


Is it just BS? I dont care about rewards/AF/Int rate.. I just want lines of credit.

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I decided to try the Best Buy pre-selector site out. Instantly pre-approved for Mastercard and secured Mastercard. I tried my luck and applied for unsecured Mastercard. Then I got the "10-14 business day" message as well. I received an email today to check my status and I was approved!!!! This is my second HSBC credit card in 3 months!!! :lol:

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one thing about express preapproval... you've got to keep your eyes open. it's not a pop-up like victoria secrets is. it's actually in the body of the order information area of the check out highlighted in a light gray. i tried to get the preapproval once and thought i didn't get it. then i oredered something from them a few weeks later and that's when i found it as i was checking out. i think it had been there the last time and i just looked past it. another thing is that they let you use the card immediately if you choose to. just some added info about that.


happy holidays all.

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