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Hey - That's me in the article. The 35 year old guy! :D And the feedback from the AMEX spokeswoman is bull. Well in my case, it is bull. Nothing has changed with my file and if anything it continues to improve as I have not applied for new credit in a long time, utilization continues to remain low, etc etc.


The thing they did not include was the day I received this letter from AMEX, I went and checked on my accounts online and for the first time ever I had a pre-approval showing for a Platinum AMEX.


I continue to do business with them. They have been good to me and I in return have been good to them and have paid on time all of my cards over the last 4-5 years. But this letter I received ticked me off. Maybe they didn't like that fact that once I got my credit situation together last year, I paid all of my balance off and PIF ever since!

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