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? Need a little help

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I know this is a very repetitive question. But I have my paydex (80) score now, where do I go from here?


I may have jumped the gun, but I applied for Lowes and HD revolving credit cards, HD claims I have nothing on my duns and bradstreet, and that my experian is not old enough. My D&B has been reporting for at least 2 months now, as well as my experian (in which I have a 90 on).


I try to limit my apps to about 2 or 3 credit apps a month, so my inquries will not build up. But it seems everytime they pull, they claim to never see anything on my D&B, and that can't be true since I do in fact have a paydex score, it would mean something is on there? (Even if my paydex hasn't shown up to them yet..) Could my address be wrong? Could they be pulling the wrong duns? I was thinking maybe I should start faxing apps with my duns number.


I'm just kind of frustrated because it's taken about 6 months for me to get my paydex, and I still can't obtain credit.


Sorry a little venting mixed with seeking advice. Thanks

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Goodmorning Entourage...nutin like a good VENT on a monday morning, do u feel better? :(


How old is ur corp as i know HD like to see u n bizness at least 2yrs? If i were you and my corp has the proper age i would call back for reconsideration. Talk to the credit dept and get to the bottom of the denial.


If n fact they state that u have nothin on ur D&B...print a copy of ur e/update and fax to them provin that u n fact do have a D&B file w/a paydex and ask them to do a review. This has personally help me w/Sam's Discover.


Alot of creditors tell u general info for a denial, but u need to dig deep and find the problem by doing this it will allow u to fix wut it is and help u n ur approvals in the future. It's probably something very minor.


GoodLuck :lol:

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Hey dizy thanks for replying,


Yeah..I feel better :dntknw: ...a little :dntknw: . Yes, I learned to ask questions when I get denied, and make sure to talk with the underwriter. However they say the same things, especially on the dnb, that there is nothing showing up. I'm thinking somehow they are pulling the wrong dnb? because I've had dnb reporting slightly longer than experian(maybe a couple of weeks), and they can at least FIND something on experian, however no dnb.


Yes, HD did say two years, however I've been in biz since..2005, I formed my LLC in 2006, and did not start building credit till 2007. When I spoke with the woman, she said that..they need two years of credit history....which I honestly don't believe. Some people have received their paydex score after building credit in maybe 2 months, and have been able to get HD.


So, I suppose maybe I should follow suit and just start faxing my apps with my dnb report, and number written on the application... any more advice would be grateful. Thanks

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I don't have the report with me...so i'm trying to remember correctly, since I don't want to pull my dnb too often within a week, so forgive me.

1. office supply <--something like that

2. office supply

3. telephone communication services <--something like that.


I can't remember word for word...:)


And the file started in May 07. Even still, a lot of people here who have applied and received the Home Depot Business card, did not have an established D&B report for two years at the time they applied.... at least from what I've read on the Biz credit approved list. And for all the creditors to say they see nothing on it? it's just weird to me.


Thanks for your reply helcat. Maybe I just need some more patience lol.

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The last post in this topic was posted 5101 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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