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How have DISPUTES figured into your credit repair efforts?  

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  1. 1. How have DISPUTES figured into your credit repair efforts?

    • I have succeeded at least once using DISPUTES.
    • I tried DISPUTES with one or more accounts but never succeeded.
    • Up to now, I have not incorporated DISPUTES into my credit repair efforts.

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On 5/19/2003 at 2:16 PM, mricthus said:

My credit was a mess, post BK 7. Since December (so in about 6 months) I have had a total of 26 deletions between me and the wife, plus two record changes to "no lates". :lol: This is out of 38 disputes so far. Still working on it.


Transunion - me - 8 deletions

Transunion -wife - 4 deletions

Experian - me- 4 deletions, 1 not late

Experian - wife- 2 deletions

CSCX/Equifax - me- 6 deletions

CSc/Equifax - wife - 2 deletions 1 "not late"


These are all collections or loans.

Did you do this online or by mailing?

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7 hours ago, Parismw99 said:

Did you do this online or by mailing?



Apologies, but my crystal ball isn't peering quite that far back, and my wayback machine has a bad part that's out of production ...


(Sorry; couldn't resist.  You're new here and may not have picked up that you're querying about a 20-year old post from a member who hasn't been active in 9 years.)


If you want to dig for greater insight on what steps @mricthus engaged in, you might click on his member name to see his profile, which will list his most recent posts (2003).  Or use the search feature, specifying his member name, to see a more extensive summary of posts.


Welcome to the group! 



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