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My Credit Is Poo

USAA credit limit just went from 7k to 25k!

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Started off almost a year ago on this board. Scores averaged 600, now they average close to 700. Still a couple stubborn baddies that need to go... I had zero cards when I started here (they were all charged off!) Combination of disputing, paying old debts, etc. I have significantly cleaned up my reports. Started off with a 200.00 limit on a Target store card (now a 1,000.00 credit card) then Re-habbed a Macy's (started at 850, now at 3,000, got the Hooter's next (started at 500 now 2000), Nordstrom's took a chance on me and gave me a 500.00 limit (now my favorite store) they were the first ones to give me a real credit line ---> 7500.00... , Bloomie's allowed me to re-open a 5 year old closed account that I closed in good standing (would have never thought to do it without this board started at 500, now around 3500) same goes for an old Lord & Taylor account I had. Combined a bunch of crappy limit cards with Juniper thanks to you guys. State Farm took a chance after speaking with an underwriter and gave me 2,000.00 (never knew what an underwriter was before this board). Semi-secured card with B of A - no deposit required (my worst card, 500.00 limt, will not budge - had it for over a year...) Luckily I got it with USAA just before they changed their policy in regards to non-military and thankfully I did...


Just keep on pushing guys, there is no secret, it all on this website plain as day... If you put in the time, the results will definitely come... Thank you all again.


My APR sucks, but it's just nice knowing you have 25k on a card. Hopefully some of my other cards will follow suit with big increases... damn this made my day! :D


Congrats, poo.





I am new to this board and very excited with a hope that I finally found the kind of resource that would help me bounce back.


I have about 7 neg accounts on my credit report, a 13 BK and on my 34th month, and foreclosure in 2010. All neg accounts are paid in full and all but one paid to the OC. I disputed and got two deleted. Verizon is one of the stubborn one although it was paid in full back in 2008.


My FICO is currently TU 620, Equi 599 but I was not able to get EXP. I have a 2K Secured CC from Wells Fargo and I also saw this USA Credit with $7500 CL that I have forgotten I had until I pulled my TU CR. I would like to increase my score and by increasing my available credit but I am afraid of being denied by credit status and affect my score adversely. Any recommendation? I shop at Nordstrom and use my debit card, will that help? Wallmart, Target ?


I would apperciate any help.










i was right there with you i had a bk in 2004 cleaned up had a foreclosure end 5/11 and a recently PIF charge off went from 740 to 490 kept the 2 cap ones in check and the 2 orchards.. not even a year later after a few disputes im a 711 in 11 months from a 490.. have 20k in cards n lines from NFCU 3k at USAA 2 brand new cars at 1.9% thru ally and about 30k in visas from credit unions.. sittin on 12 retail cards and the score just keeps goin up there is hope VERY soon after a disaster.



WOW!!! Thanks for your response. This is very encouraging :)


I have verbal promise from Verizon, a medical CA, 2 other debitors to get items deleted from my credit report after quite a few disputes and goodwill adjustment request letters but I will have to wait and see.


Any chance in getting a foreclosure deleted? Do you think if I contact the lender they will come after me claiming they incured a loss?









I just checked my credit score with usaa credit monitoring and the scores are now: EQ 685, EX 685 and TU 664. And there is one a collection Item showing $788 balance that will be coming off in the next two weeks since the OC admitted that it was inaccurate and the CA withdrew the record. Thanks to this board!! I have learned a lot!! Late February my scores ranged from 574 - 580.



I am panning to apply for non-secured credit card in the next month or so:)





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I'm closing this thread, because these are success stories only.


If you want help with a problem, please post here by clicking the "start new topic" button, then type in the box. :)

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