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I received a letter in May from a CA about an account they say I had with Bellsouth Real Yellow Pages in 2004. It's for people who own business & want their info printed in the yellow pages for advertisement. Some salesman guy stopped by my house in the summer of 2004 & offered it to me so I told him I would try it out . At the time I didn't know they would try to charge me $4000 for it :angel: . When I realized how expensive it was I immediately called and cancelled it since the new phone book wouldn't be printed for months anyway. They told it was fine, not to worry about so I didn't think anything else of it. Now 3 yrs later I receive a letter saying I owe $6700 :dntknw: . Its not on my Credit Report yet but I'm afraid they might try to do something I sent them a verification letter about 10 days ago but havent heard anything yet. If they havent put it on my credit all this time...would they do it now? :cry2:

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