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mEsSED uP App Spree

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Well since I zero inq. on EQ I started off with Nordstroms again.


After a few hours started again on the CU


Alliant first with plans to ask for 30k CC which would match some of the others I have.

In setting up savings account process they of course pulled EQ and offered me a visa for $2500 and car loan for $10,000. :( I knew at this point not to push it with them since the same thing happend with DCU a while back and I got nothing for it. So I just took the visa and on to the next CU


Next was University CU as I applied for 30k visa that is still pending. They claim to get back to you the next day and so far they have not so no news may be good news for now.


Then tried America's CU where I had to sign up for an account first before I could do anything.


Agricultural CU again for the 2nd time which they denied. I have nothing bad on my reports just new accounts.


Next it was Krogers again which they pulled EQ but this time it was just EQ and not EQ, TU like they did last time. I hope that means good news this time.


At this point I was ready to end the EQ spree with two GE MoneyBank cards as I know they are not so inq sensitive. This is where it got strange as its my second time appling for them as I had an address problem with them last time

I started with Hancock Bank and this time when I finished the app it took me to another page where it asked me some questions I have never been asked before such as my height on my DL and my sisters birthday. Guess we know where those question came from L/N.

At this point I did another GE MoneyBank app since I knew it would merge into one on EQ for First National Bank. This time I go though the app and get they same 7-10 message I got from Hancock Bank, however it didn't take me the L/N page the last one did. So I figued denied.

A few hours later I get a call from GE MoneyBank First National Bank division where they wanted to ask me some questions to verify it was me. Once I did that they came back on the phone and said I was approved for $13,500. :good:

Kind of funny how I can't get any cli on the Paypal, Walmart Discover etc. GE MoneyBank cards but can get a whole new $13,500 card.


I pull TC to see who has pulled what and see everyone pulled EQ just like I wanted except Nordstroms has not pulled anything. Well I know that when they do they will not like the new inq so figure I might as well apply for one more CU since Nordstroms will be a denial now.


I go for Premier America CU and dam they pulled EX. The 30k visa is still pending with them but they had an address problem in openning the savings account and have to manually do it.


Since app spree is a little messed up with Nordstroms not pulling first I go ahead and try State Farm again before the new accounts hit. I was waiting on the single inq on TU to fall off first but figured I might as well try it now.


So thats where I stand now.

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University has to be my fav at the moment. They approved my husbands new truck, my refi on my Jeep and approved me for my first prime card. Love em, love em, love em!


Best of luck with your ap spree!

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University has large assests and most of the time so far CU with large assests are great for approvals with large limits. At this point I still have not heard back from them so no denial yet unless they do everyone this way.

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dang you covered alot of ground with that spree...lets hope it doe'snt come back to bite you or anything...


congrats though...

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